“Transmute ALL I AM to LOVE”

I wish to use my SACRED POWER to re-birth every cell, atom, and molecule in my beautiful body…into wholeness and well-being!!   I see all effortlessly re-birthing itself into the purest of Light essence and and all that is Love.    In every way…may my body BE healthy!!   May it hold only LOVE!!

At all levels and vibrations of BEing…transmute ALL I AM to LOVE!! ♥

In JOY and Receptivity,


Re-evaluating “ME”


Can you recognize that all we currently have in our lives….is a representation of that which aligns with our current belief systems and energies??

The people, the places, the experiences that we attract…all naturally harmonize with the thoughts and prayers we hold within.    Well….at least until resistance begins to appear.     Suddenly that which was uplifting and supportive a few weeks, months, and years ago is now irritating and a bit frustrating.

Can you identify with this phenomenon??

We’re so used to placing blame outward when something doesn’t flow effortlessly.     But stop for a moment and think…is it YOU that has changed your energy and vibration…or them??

Over the past few weeks…woven into the blissful JOY that I genuinely feel…I’ve noticed a bit of irrational irritability.  (((Smile)))    I questioned mySelf repeatedly…but didn’t feel the “Aha” hit me til a midnight whisper touched me last night.     It simply said:

“We know that you have felt the shift.   Veils of separations and perceived insignificance have lifted.    There is a newborn confidence within that is no longer comfortable with what has been.”  ♥

Can you feel the power in those words??    Without any judgment of mySelf or another….I can recognize that I am now trusting greater potential possibilities than I ever have.

Which tells me that it’s time to re-evaluate my thoughts, my prayers, my intentions, my dreams, my efforts, and all that comprises “me”.       Am I acting out of Habit (of what has been)…or in Awareness (of what is)??

What possibilities am I now ready to imagine, discover, and embrace??

I’ve re-evaluated my journey many times before….but I don’t know that I’ve ever celebrated that privilege as a “right of passage” into a higher state of BEing.

Look around yourself today.    Is the resistance truly coming from within??     If so….open the door to welcome more for yourself (whatever that may mean).       Once you are ready for more….the same jobs, friends, lovers, and experiences may suddenly reveal that they’ve had much more to share!!!!!

Remember….the re-evaluation comes from within!!!

In JOY and Grateful RECEPTIVITY,


Seeing the Brightest “YOU”


Are you ready??   I’m going to let you into my silent thoughts for a moment or two.

More than a few times this week….I’ve felt a pang of disappointment in myself because I wasn’t able to show more kindness or compassion to those who appeared a bit lost or alone within themselves.     But…perhaps that doesn’t make it fully clear.

In several unassociated moments…I offered kindness and warmth to those who appeared in my sphere of being.    I looked into their eyes and tenderly touched their arm (all expressed naturally)…..and then as they spoke or took energy to a shallower space of being (for more than an expanded breath or two)….I gently redirected my energy.

I was not able to joyfully support their perspective of lack.    And then I felt guilt for not being more than I was.

But Spirit now shows me that I looked into each and every one of them…and saw their brightest self!!!    I offered LOVE to each of them…true and pure.

Yet once the energy shifted…and they wished for me to support them in an ego-driven experience…..I couldn’t do so genuinely.      I felt guilt because there was still a part of me that felt I should place their comfort above my own….even though I wasn’t able to physically do so.

Thankfully….Spirit is reminding me now….that I genuinely saw their brightest self.      And in the moment that I was asked to see any less-than their authentic, brilliant, potential-filled self….I became uncomfortable.

I truly thought that I wasn’t “angelic” enough.     But I now see that I genuinely BELIEVE in their brightest, most beautiful energy!!!      I will keep shining the LIGHT on that aspect of each soul I meet….and trust that on a deeper level….the message comes through:


And……….just in case you begin measuring your thoughts or words as limited or ego-driven let me tell you “stop right there”. ♥

If you allow your expressions in all moments to be GENUINE and heart-centered (no matter the joy, sadness or pain)…then it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!      

I share this thoughtful musing now because “I” was seeking clarity for myself….and realized that some of you may also be a bit too hard on yourselves too.       We are always the best we can be. ♥

In JOY and Ever-expanding FAITH,


“I AM” …without censor


There is true power held in the union of these two little words.     They invoke a wave of manifest remembrance when spoken with authority and conviction.    They imply authentic reality in this exact moment.


I have lifted my spirit into many transcendent states with the ever-flowing expressions of “I AM”.

I AM Love Embodied

I AM Divine Truth Awakened

I AM Infinite Light Birthing Itself Freely and Fearlessly

Ahhhhhh….these declarations do hold power.   Don’t they??

And yet…this morning I am deeply motivated and inspired to simply embody and awaken the “I AM” that genuinely is…without censor or limitation!!!

This morning I am wise enough to know that the indescribable “I AM” that encapsulates all knowing, all life, all beingness…is beyond my current comprehension.    And still………..it is a great and wondrous part of me!!!

So….I stand open, receptive and aware……….welcoming the blissfully intoxicating “I AM” into my being!!    Without words, expectations, limitations, or censorship of any kind.      I stand strong and welcome the great “I AM” into mySelf!!!

In this and all moments:


…and so it is

In JOY and Receptivity,


Sacred Spaces Are Calling To Us Now


These Sacred Spaces are calling to our inner being.    They are designed to speak to us energetically…and open portals of higher knowing and BEing within. ♥

They mark a point of UNION between the higher realms and the earthly realms…allowing the veils of separation to be thinner between our Divine Selves and our Earthly Personas.      In these Sacred Spaces…we can more easily identify with the PERFECTION that is…both internally and externally.

I’m sure that many of us can imagine what I speak of now.   We’ve all felt that energy shift upon entering certain churches, prayer sanctuaries, ancient archaeological sites, or perhaps even by witnessing the birth of a child.

There are moments when all shifts around us….and only perfection and beauty can be felt.     The LOVE is always palpable…and the feeling of support and nurturing truth is always found.  

For years now….I’ve made creating Sacred Space a part of all that I most genuinely am.    Before each and every healing session or inspirational event….I open a portal of Divine Love to support our journey.      As I step forward into any new earthly experience…I welcome a circle of LIGHT to surround me.

There is always an energy shift in these moments….and it always empowers me to authentically open mySelf to the greatest vibration of Truth.

And yet…..this morning…Spirit has a new message for me.      They tell me that SACRED SPACES areawakening and birthing themselves for us in greater ways!!!

They tell me that average physical locations are beginning to transform themselves into sacred spaces in order to Support and Awaken our spirits into greater remembrance….and they are calling to us now.

These portals of DIVINE LIGHT are being opened from Higher Realms…by a collective of our higher selves and those guardians of Earth who wish to ease our journey intoremembrance (of being more than physical).

So…..it shall soon be much easier to fully imagine the WONDER that we each are in all moments!!

In my vision….as we prepared for these sacred experiences…it was important to free ourselves from any un-necessary layers of clothing, any un-necessary supplies or accessories, and any pre-conceived notions of what shall be.     It was important to begin walking in as naked and pure (in body and mind) as can be.

Now let me clarify.    It’s not necessary to strip yourself of every earthly comfort that can be (clothing or otherwise).    It is important to begin freeing yourself from believing that any of it is the support you require!!

In my vision…many people were spending un-necessary time preparing themselves for the journey or the experience…and never actually moved from that point of preparation.    If we can begin to recognize that we are clothed in LIGHT and all that is necessary for our journey or experience will be naturally present…then we can relax into BEing and Receiving most genuinely!!

This is a time of great Awakening.     It is happening most naturally in every way.

Can you imagine yourSelf as the bright one being called to now??     Can you allow yourSelf to simply TRUST and RECEIVE the blessings that are flowing most gentuinely??

I encourage you to do so.    And I scream to the universe…



In JOY and Ever-expanding LOVE,


Imagine…An Open and Receptive World


This morning I lay in bed…feeling the “call” of this Open and Receptive world of possibility!!!     I feel my day actually calling out to me.    But it’s not the “day” I planned with actions and obligations…that I hear.      It’s the ENERGY of this day that shall support me in all ways!!

I pray that you can understand what I say….because this new teaching seems to hold great power for each of us…if we can trust in its message.

The world (the energetic playground we experience LIFE in) is welcoming me to step into it freely!!!    

It’s speaking to the ever-expansive AWARE ME….and reminding me that it supports me!!

Now…I must pause and explain the force behind those words.

When I say that this infinite world supports me…..I’m saying (it is showing me) that it is morphing itself continuously to SUPPORT ME!!

This world that I see………listens and responds to my soul’s call tooooooo!!

I recognize that over these past few days….my body has been in non-stop ever-flowing motion.     Each moment was of great power, importance, and beauty.    And yet….it wasn’t easy for me to physically balance all of that motion.

This morning…the world shows me that it could have supported me more fully…if I had been in that state of Awareness that is open and receptive tooooooooo. .

It could have sent a wave of rejuvenative energy through every foot step…or every breath.      It could have assisted in stretching the appearance of “time” just a little bit.    It could have gently neutralized some of the intense energies I felt coming towards me…and thereby enable me to be more PRESENT in my own precious journey.

I can truly see that as expansive as I believe myself to be….I’m still co-creating each day in a brave and independent way.  

This morning they remind me…..that this great big beautiful energetic world is Open and Receptive to support ME in all I may require and desire!!!

How blessed I AM!!! ♥

So…….dear beautiful ever-flowing and blossoming world….look into my Spirit and see that which will bless me!!!    I welcome you into my journey….and ask that you fully SUPPORT ME in all possible ways!!!     I accept your offer of generous LOVE….and choose to be open and receptive to the possibilities tooooooooooo.   Thank YOU!!!

It suddenly seems that I now recognize the WORLD behind the “world” I once perceived!!     It all seems so much more intricate and AWE-inspiring through these eyes. ♥

“BRING IT ON” beautiful world……..I welcome your assistance and LOVE completely!!!

In JOY and Ever-expansive WONDER,