“See Peace Like A River” Between You and Me


Beyond the words, the speech, the action…it’s time to begin seeing PEACE flow like a river between you and me!!

It’s time to begin seeing PEACE as a perpetual energy in motion…with the power to heal, to transform, to transmute, and to create.

See no man standing in opposition to this force.    See all being touched by the sweet wonder that it is.

In this moment and all moments…PEACE flows to touch all.    It is no longer the privilege of a chosen few!!

I believe that it’s time to begin trusting that PEACE already flows powerfully through this earth realm!!    It’s time to begin seeing it alive and in motion….like a vibrant river flowing between every beautiful soul!!

I’ve had two powerful dream visions about PEACE over these last two nights:

The first dream vision followed our Global Peace Prayer…aligned with the UNITED NATIONS INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE of September 21st.     I was sleeping peacefully…and then looked into the bright blue sky.    There were a few white wispy clouds…with an intense brilliant LIGHT beaming through.   I focused my vision on that point…and instantly recognized the United Nations emblem shimmering in pure divine light.     It’s light blanketed the earth…and I knew that humanity’s prayer for PEACE on this earth…had prevailed!!

I knew that WE as a United Consciousness…chose PEACE as our path!!    And now we would be more supported on that journey…than ever before. ♥

The second dream vision occurred last night.    Again I was in a peaceful state…just allowing all to take shape around me.    I suddenly recognized that PEACE was flowing around me in waves and vibrations of energy.    Then I noticed to be ware of my subconscious beliefs.    I saw these waves flowing forward…and then sidestep around someone that had just frustrated me a bit that day.   

Once it sidestepped…the wave paused and I heard “SEE PEACE LIKE A RIVER!!”     I knew that for this Peace to grow in force and power upon this earth…it’s important for me to see no man in opposition to the peaceful energy that flows!!   Hold no judgment over who welcomes Peace, embraces it, or understands it.    Simply SEE PEACE flowing like a river between you and me!!     

In a river no thing is untouched by the sacred waters that flow!!

And so I awaken this morning knowing that so much is in motion at levels unseen!!!    This is a brand new day…and we are shifting our boundaries of acceptable experiences in truly amazing ways!!

I’m so honored to be part of this shift!!

I’m so honored to know that PEACE FLOWS LIKE A RIVER between you and me!!!

Namaste’ my brothers and sisters!!

In Joy and Gratitude,


May It Be ‘Peace Day’ Every Day

Just a few moments ago…my son’s grumpy early morning voice said “I don’t want an english muffin”.    I responded by saying “No grumpiness please.   It’s Peace Day.”     He instantly replied “I thought it was Peace Day yesterday.”   And I proudly and joyfully expressed “Yes.   We’re now making it Peace Day every day!!”.

Our intricately and beautifully planned community Peace Day event was canceled due to impending weather and various unseen (but oh so wise) forces.     As all that I’d been envisioning and planning for months shifted course…I truly only felt PEACE in my heart.    I was so empowered to know that I wasn’t attached to any particular outcome.   I trust in the flow.

As it turned out…after all had been shifted to alternate visions for the day…the sun began to show more brightly than it had in days!!     Radiant souls still came out in expectations of an event…but were granted the opportunity to discern how they each wished to spend the precious time!!

I wasn’t there to guide them.   No music led the way.    It was now a beautiful challenge to their unique souls….”Will peace still be the way??”.

I will honestly share with you that on Saturday…as I sensed the ever-flowing disappointment from countless souls…I was deeply catapulted into cavernous past life insecurities.    A great big part of my spirit had believed that if I accept responsibility for great numbers….I have the potential to let them down.     And here I was…face to face with that experience once again.

I went through a myriad of emotions for several hours…until I came to THE bright and beautiful awareness that brought me true and deeeeeeppppp PEACE!!!     I was suddenly able to see that the disappointment I sensed flowing to me…was only a reflection of the disappointment I carried for more than a few thousand years.

I suddenly realized that the Priestess (in my repetitive past life vision) all dressed in white…upon alabaster steps…was the one who carried this great sadness and disappointment within her.    She still carries great guilt for not having the power to save others from their unique journeys and/or tragedies.

My whole body shook in the light of this new opportunity!!

Am I ready to FORGIVE MYSELF for believing that I may not be enough??     Am I ready to TRUST that I can hold no responsibility for being more than I naturally am??  

Life is ever-flowing.     It’s time to trust that if we are authentic in all moments…we are always enough!!

Life is meant to be shared.    We can’t play all the parts…and expect a neat and happy outcome.    We must allow others to play their parts tooooooooo.    We must offer all the opportunity to co-create with us…in beautiful authenticity.

I only need to honor my voice, my light, my truth….and release from needing others to see, validate, or appreciate that which I am.     They either see…most naturally…or life will continue to flow from there.  )))Smile(((

And SO……..I found greater Peace than I’d ever imagined could be!!!    It was not the day I’d envisioned…or that which I would have voluntarily chosen.    And YET…..I am now forever blessed because of this journey!!

On Sunday….we all gathered in a powerful way to celebrate the true INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE across the globe!!    Our hearts and hands were united….and waves of true LOVE flowed endlessly through…to touch who would be blessed upon this globe!!

I held no expectations of myself…and who I needed to be.    We all shared our voice…and co-created that ceremony as ONE RADIANT LIGHT!!!     Voices rose strong in harmony…and touched deep within my SOUL!!!!!     Bodies moved in JOY….laying the foundation for a WORLD OF PEACE and LOVE!!!!

Beyond words……WE WERE ONE!!

And SO………we are the microcosm for the macrocosm that is and will be!!

No great big plans led the way.    Only a heart-centered wish to UNITE and KNOW LOVE!!!

So what prevents us from creating this JOY each and every day??

What prevents us from envisioning hearts uniting…and disharmonies melting??

If PEACE BEGINS WITH ME…………then I shall endeavor to make it ‘Peace Day’ everyday!!!

Without intricate plans and expectations…I shall welcome the CELEBRATION of brotherly/sisterly love into my heart each day!!!


Thank YOU To MaryLou Houllis and New Beginning Oneness Center for loving me, supporting me, inspiring me, and encouraging me!!    Beyond measure….I LOVE YOU!!!! ♥

And…..as a perfect compliment to all that I’d embraced…a radiant sister walked up to me yesterday and expressed “Thank You for that wonderful walk in the park yesterday!!   It was blissful…and just what I needed.”

My heart rejoiced!!!   She got the message…….and accepted the privilege of CHOOSING her own joyful journey!!!    How precious she is to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

Thank You Dear Spirit….for secretly planning this all!!!!!!!

In JOY and Absolute Wonder,


Freedom In Authenticity


I hold such a radiant vision of HEARTS and HANDS united!!    Beyond distinct moments and motivations…I truly see a family of LIGHT uniting across this globe…freeeeeeeeing every lost and self-imprisoned soul!!

Do you ever feel that you are not enough…or that who you are does not matter??

My heart breaks as I think of any precious soul perceiving themselves in this way!!    And I also knowwwwww that these perceptions touch us all at times!!

If we are brave enough to be authentic…then we can FACE and HEAL the core belief that has allowed us to feel that way!!

If I am fully rational in this moment…then I can explain every nay and yay perspective away!!   I can give voice and validation to each pro and con flowing through my mind.    But all of these rational view points are not appeasing or bringing PEACE to the sweet beautiful spirit within me.

This morning I genuinely feel as though I’m on a translucent edge of reason.

Behind me is the safety and comfort of rationality and order.   Beneath me is a crystalline platform of transparent truth.   And Before me lies the blissful wonder of every thing and no thing combined.

What a profound space to be in!!    It breaks all barriers of comprehension…and yet speaks more clearly to my heart than I can ever express.

My body (heart, mind, and soul) are currently leaning over this translucent, transparent edge of authenticity.    The freedom of simply BEing without judging, expecting, proving, or validating is calling to me!!

So….what holds me back from releasing??

This precise moment (as I write this) marks “midnight” between September 20th and September 21st,     We are officially stepping into the International Day of Peace….and what is traditionally marked as the Fall Equinox.    There is great power for me in each of these events!!

  • In honor of PEACE DAY I have been welcoming great Peace into my heart…at all levels of being…so that I may truly be a genuine beacon of Peace upon this earth.    I have been challenging my own thought processes…and asking LOVE to transform all miscommunication and discord…both inwardly and outwardly.   And I have been deeply open and receptive to all support that may bring greater clarity and understanding.

In each moment of clear prayer and meditation…Spirit tells me “PEACE BEGINS WITHIN”.    So I’ve been real with each of my emotions…and seeking to heal and harmonize all that clings to limiting, victim-conscious mentalities.

  • AND…the Fall Equinox has personally marked a door over these last twelve years (noticeably) that catapults me into a secluded space of my own making.    Each year…this shadowed time of year naturally triggers me to RETREAT into a deep cave of Self.

This lonesome journey within is always triggered by me believing that I’m not enough…or me believing that others are not appreciating the efforts and energy I offer.    In short…it triggers my personal insecurities.

Each year the challenge to BE THE LIGHT is a bit easier and more effortless.    Each year the cavernous journeys within become less daunting.   But still the shadows and illusions appear.

This particular dawn of PEACE and TRANSFORMATION has triggered a deeeeeeeepppp emotional response within my being!!    I feel myself processing LIFETIMES of self-judgment and irrational responsibility for others in a raw and real way.   And I sense…that I am no longer willing to CLAIM the false judgment and responsibility that was once acceptable for me!!

So I stand on this translucent edge!!    Behind me lies the recycled patterns of self-doubt and limitation.    Beneath me lies the uncertain but TRUE perspectives of Self-Love and Acceptance.    And before me lies the sweet ever-flowing BLISS of surrender into simply BEing all that I naturally AM…without any self-imposed limitations!!

If I choose to un-tether myself from past perceptions and self-imposed limitations…only FREEDOM can I know in the AUTHENTICITY that is ME!!! ♥

My outer world IS a reflection of the world I hold within!!    Each year I’ve been triggered by my own demons and fears.   Am I ready to release feeling POWERLESS???     Am I ready to accept and honor the Respect, Love, and Appreciation of my beautiful SELF!?!?!

DEAR SPIRIT…I know the strength is within me to do so!!!    Do not let me fall ‘back’ from this edge of sweet freedom and transformation!!    Please push me forward into the blissful world of SELF-ACCEPTANCE and LOVE!!!!!    Please support me in FREEing that timeless me that feels responsibility for every incarnate soul and their personal security. ♥





And so it is!!

In Gratitude, Wonder, and Deep PEACE,


A Silent Creed and Manifesto!!


There’s a silent underlying story that we’ve each adopted as our manifesto and creed.

It so often remains hidden in the shadows of our heart…and is naturally veiled into a perceived non-existence by the countless hopes, dreams, and intentions we set for ourselves daily.    But it is still a part of our underlying belief system…and it’s time for the veils to remove themselves in the POWER of your true intent!!

My dream teachings last night allowed me to see my choices and indoctrinated beliefs on a greater scale.     In a seeming post-apocalyptic world…I was considered a great strength and force of wisdom and  power.    I was considered a leader by my family and community.    And yet…I could see (from my aware state) that I was only that strength within the confines of a limited field.

I had learned how to be defiant within the system…but I had not even considered the possibility of fully disempowering a system that had no value or purpose for me anymore!!

And so I awoke…and recognized that here and now (in today’s real world) I still give silent power to an old and un-serving creed that allows me to be powerless, that allows me to accept a survival mentality, and that allows me to feel insecure in a world that is truly filled with infinite potential!!

My world is a mirror for my core beliefs…and until I powerfully deny all limited experiences with conviction…I will only be an inspiration within the confines of a limited field.

That’s not enough for me anymore!!    I no longer wish to play by the guidelines of an old and un-serving matrix.    We are newly evolved…and empowered.    And only my perception of being part of the old…can keep me there!!

So…over these next few days, weeks, and months…I will ponder on what I choose my new ‘thriving’ doctrine, manifesto, and creed to be!!     It’s time for me to remember that I create my ever-expansive reality!!! ♥

Thank you for the clarity and the awakening beautiful spirit!!   I hear.   I see.   I receive.

From this day forward…I stand in greater awareness…welcoming the boundless bounty of universal support!!!

And so it is!!!

In Joy and Absolute Wonder,


Brave and Beautiful SELF


I have felt within myself…and been witness to in others…GREAT TRANSFORMATION taking place on levels deep and pure!!    This is a time when we are asked to face our own shadows, our own resistance, and our own insecurities…and come out EMPOWERED!! ♥

What a brave…and beautiful place to be!!

While working on my book this morning…I came across a channeling between myself and Dahlia almost 5 years ago.    Dahlia is one of my bright beautiful spirit guides.    She is a being of pure light…and guides me on my journey through life.

This channeling touches on the depth of challenge I had found myself in…and the greater purpose for all of it.    I never did remark at what the challenge was…so this becomes a timeless tale to support the unique challenges that we each may find ourselves in.

May you sense that this is a conversation between yourself and your beautiful spirit guide…if it feels right to do so.   I know that we are all much more alike than we believe!!

Beautiful Dahlia…thank you for always being with me!!   Please speak to me clearly.   Is there any perspective of truth that I have yet to recognize??

You are enough on your own.   And we will always help to remind you of that.   Listen to your instincts and let go of “right or wrong”.    Just go with the flow and see your greatest dreams coming to be.   You see sadness.   I see tenderness and bravery…perseverance and hopefulness.    I see a journey pushing you forward…no matter the obstacles.  

Why was my experience so extreme these last few weeks??

You’re not alone.   You’re pushing the bar to greater heights.    It’s time to explore your fears at greater depths…and release them.    Give them a place to hide no more.

You make it sound like I’m victorious over this battle.   I feel that I only survived it…barely.

You see only a limited view.   What I see is much greater.   I see you facing your deepest fears and continuing to be hopeful…never losing faith that you are protected…and always wanting more for yourself.

Yes.   But truly there were many times that I couldn’t feel anything but sadness and despair.    I felt more alone than ever…and there were days that I could hardly get through.

But you did!!    And you did not lose faith.    You kept moving forward…seeking greater awareness.   You don’t realize the weight that was atop your shoulders.    It was the same weight that would have crushed you years ago.   You don’t seem crushed to me …do you??   Just worn and tired.    And that’s good.    

You’ve been through much…and don’t commend yourself for the effort.   Sadness will soon be behind you.   Can you feel the release each time you blow??   Like a cannon overheated??    You can not release such pent up energy without a great force of emotional impact!!

You have been brave enough to mine the greatest of all caverns…that of SELF.    And you did not lose yourself in the darkness.   Congratulations!!   I tell you…CONGRATULATIONS!!   You are my hero!!

You realize that I feel nothing like a hero.

Yes.   But you’ve asked for a greater perspective of truth today.   So…hero I say!!   Be kind to yourself.   See what you’ve accomplished.

Thank YOU!!   Is it over??   Is the hard part over??

On many levels…yes.    You are newly focused and determined.   The fire in your heart is near power point once again.   All is clear…once again.    But no  journey is ever completely without challenges.   So remain CLEAR in the days ahead.   Make your dreams a reality by believing in yourself…and who you are!!

Channeled by Alania Starhawk

December 16th, 2009

May this raw and candid expression of truth touch all who would be blessed!! ♥

In Faith and LOVE,


Transforming ME…with Jette Terpner


Have you ever looked into the eyes of an Angel…and felt completely loved?!?!

I have. ♥

My Angel goes by an earthly name of Jette (pronounced ‘yetta’) Terpner.   She has bright, perpetually-sparkling eyes…a smile that warms all beating hearts…and a sweet voice that comes directly from heaven (or so i believe).

Spirit has always told me that Angels are an embodiment of PURE LOVE…seeking to assist and support the journeys of humanity.    That certainly holds true with Jette!!     I feel safe, whole, and complete in her presence!!

Of course I am aware that Jette is as human as you or I.    But…I am also aware that there is a divine trust and knowing in Jette that allows her to fully embody PURE LOVE as she facilitates deep and profound healing sessions to support each individual soul

I was blessed by one of these healing sessions yesterday…and I feel quite empowered and transformed today!!

As I laid open and receptive on a healing table…Jette maneuvered around my body with purpose and power.    Each motion, each touch, each spoken (and unspoken) word was deeeeeeper and more energized than I can possibly describe.    She is certainly a channel for DIVINE LIGHT upon this earth!!

And in harmony with the guardians and guides who supported our journey…she was able to bring great FREEDOM to my beautiful spirit!!

I feel as though I found a precious part of my SELF…and am now able to see clearly!!!     What a great and profound  G I F T  that is!!

I can talk endlessly of all I personally experienced…but I’m sure that it is unique for each soul.    Jette works energetically to clear all un-serving energy…and awaken all vibrant aspects of your being!!  ♥     It’s all quite beyond words.

But I do encourage each of you to contact her if you are interested in knowing more.   She currently travels the world facilitating this healing work…as she is guided.    And her long distance healing sessions have supported many.

I truly believe that she is a clear, pristine, and treasured conduit for DIVINE ENERGY to support this earth.     Thank YOU Jette!! ♥     I Love You!!

You may find Jette at www.JetteTerpner.com.     You may also find some additional information about her healing modalities below.

In Joy, Gratitude, and Love, Love, Love,


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Sensing Un-revealed Blessings ♥

It has been a beautiful, much deserved (and appreciated) day of quiet stillness…with family and self.    There was no where else I needed to be…and no where else I wished to be.    I was simply honoring the free flow of it all.

What a gift that is!!!

And yet…as this day comes to a close and I sip my ginger infused green tea…I feel excitement touching me for something that is yet to be.

It’s quite a strange sensation.    I’m not looking forward…or thinking of any prayers or intentions in motion.    I’m fully present in this moment of sweet serenity…but connecting to an un-revealed moment about to be.

I keep wanting to turn my attention towards my peripheral vision because there is a beautiful soul (or two) calling to me.    Higher soul to higher soul…I feel the connection.      It feels as though I’m coming HOME to all I’ve been dreaming of…and those who are ready to dance with me.

They (my guardians in spirit) have the celebration festivities in full gear…and only “I” sit here blind to the greater truth of it all.

I don’t mind not knowing what’s about to be.   From the excitement I feel…I know it will be a blessing far beyond that which I expect.

So Dear Spirit….BRING IT ON!! ♥

Know that I’m ready to receive most graciously…to accept joyfully…and to honor sweetly!!    I am ready for that which you are preparing me for.    I am ready!!    I welcome all blessings lovingly!!

And SO it most fabulously is!!

In JOY and Gratitude,