Reflections of Our Shifting Identity


How often do we sit in stillness……to lovingly reflect upon our ever-evolving and shifting identities??

As we move through life…..we naturally resist energies that do not align with our personal and passionate spirit.   This is always true.   And…..if we don’t pause long enough to recognize that we no longer are who we were last week, month, or year…….then we are still placing our bodies into experiences that once served and supported our prior selves.

As a simple and sweet example……..I once saw Pizza as this world’s greatest treat.    For a quite a while….I still went running to Pizza as if it had the power to open the ethereal gates and bring Heaven to this Earth.

Time after time I was uncomfortable and unfulfilled after eating Pizza….before I finally realized “I don’t think I’m a great fan of Pizza any more”!!   As outrageous as that thought is…….it holds true.

We are masters of looking forward on our journey…..which means that we don’t often honor the shifts that are taking place each day.    In order to see them….we must pause and reflect upon who we are and who we choose to be!!

Stand in awareness my dear friends……….and recognize that you are growing, expanding, evolving and shifting with each breath!!    It’s healthy to reflect upon your shifting identities a few times a year……….so that you can begin placing your bodies into experiences that celebrate the bright and magnificent YOU that you currently are!!!!

You are so incredibly beautiful!!!   Take the time to see yourSelf!!!

In Joy and Ever-Expanding Wonder,


Any “Fall” From Divinity Can Only Be By Perception 

I was gifted a vision last week.   It’s a vision I’ve seen before……but this time it’s symbolism became crystal clear.

I was dressed in pure white….as a priestess of Divine Grace.   I found myself at the bottom of beautiful stairs that led to a Sacred Pyramid.   I knew that I had been born into that Sacred Pyramid of Light and Knowledge…..with the purest essence of all that is Divine.     I originally held no sense of duality….or concept of right and wrong, or pleasure and pain.

In my natural state….I saw only beautiful free-will experience internally guiding all on their human journey!!

When I was blissfully standing within that pyramid of Light…….only LOVE filled my heart for all of humanity.   I could see only Potential and Light flowing to and through each precious soul.

But in this particular vision….I found myself at the bottom of the stairs that led to the pyramid.   I was on my knees looking UP to all who represented that Divine Grace…..and was begging for “them” to help humanity!!!

This is profound!!

I was born into clear and pristine Knowing that LIGHT flows endlessly through all realms of being.   But….at some point in time…….I began to align with the forgetfulness that can be in this dense reality.     I began to see the bright souls of humanity as victims in a cruel reality.   I suddenly wished to save them and protect them from pointless tragedy.

Although I was not personally entwined in the drama that can be….I aligned with that vibration of being.    I no longer could identify with the Divine Grace that flowed from within……..and I naturally united with those who experienced life from the base of those stairs!!

As I witnessed this vision…….I thought to myself “This is the moment that I fell from Grace”.

And in response I received this wise and beautiful message:

This vision was not shown to you to remind you of how you “fell”……but to remind you that you are returning to where you belong!!

What if those stairs – that pyramid – and those people were not from any single point in time and space??    What if they represent your ethereal journey into Forgetfullness  and Remembrance??

Let me express this clearly!!

You did not remove yourSelf from the Pyramid of Light, Knowledge & Truth in order to find yourself below!!   It is only PERCEPTION my dear.    It’s part of the great Dream we speak of.

You are no less Whole and Divine than ever before.

You need not prove your worth to See again from that vantage point of the Pyramid!!!

You need only shift Perceptions!!!

Shift viewpoints!!   Shift your focus!!

Be Whole my dear…within yourSelf!!! 💛

I so align with this great teaching today!!!!!!!    I can continue to express all that I’m feeling and sensing from within.   But I shall let Silence speak for me instead.

Just think!!!    That’s enough.

In Joy and Deep Gratitude,


The Great Spirit of Sadhguru


I walked into the grand and majestic Straz Center to welcome and receive any words of wisdom, truth, and knowledge the beautiful Sadhguru wished to share with all who had appeared.     Stillness came over the crowd….and we all sat bright eyed in anticipation of all that would take place.

He spoke of deep subjects with light-hearted humor and made us all believe that he was just a “man”.

I paid attention to the words, the words, the words……even though he expressly conveyed that “words” are just words and have no true inherent power.       In all that was apparent….I looked for the great wisdom I was subconsciously seeking….even though he led us through a meditation that reverberated (through his own voice) “I am not the body.   I am not even the mind.”

I left that arena truly thankful that I’d participated……..but unsure of what I’d learned.      It was an odd sensation that was certainly beyond description.

I fell asleep early last night to hopefully gain greater clarity through dream state………….and was amazed at the bright clarity that revealed itself with first Light this morning!!

This morning – with an open heart – I welcomed Truth……………………and sensed Sadhguru’s Great Spirit standing in front of me.    I sensed his great big ethereal fore-finger reach out and POKE my chest while powerfully whispering “Go Deeper”!!

I sensed mySelf fall back into “surrender”………………and open to the unseen gifts and blessings that were all reverently shared at deeper levels!!

My guilty little truth is that – yesterday during the event – I was actually falling asleep in the presence of this radiant Master!!!    I was clinging to each word….praying that it would anchor me into that physical space and prevent me from falling asleep at such a precious moment.

Today his Great Spirit continued to whisper “Free yourSelf from the distractions of this earth realm!!”.   And I could now see….that even all that he offered on the surface – in that forum – was a distraction from that which was taking place at deeper levels.    Here are the words he specifically shared with me this morning….in the form (and formlessness) of his Great Spirit:

You will find entertainment on all levels of frequency.   Your attention will be called on all levels!!     Are you so attached to being present in physical form…..that you deny the extra-sensory experience??

Magicians are born in my presence……because they begin to look beyond the physical!!

Just because you were not in need of all that was “said” physically….does not mean that I did not SEE you….or that I did not speak directly to you!!    I have many to SEE on such a day.     And I have LOVE enough to S-E-E you all!!!!

Not only am I now recognizing how INTIMATE this precious meeting with Sadhguru was.     I am also beginning to sense that even the “words” that I considered simple and plain………………have much greater TRUTH encoded in them!!!

I am now hearing all that was shared……with new awareness!!

And………….he told us all plainly “I am not the body.   I am not even the mind.”

He was telling us plainly that SADHGURU can not be any physical form authentically!!!   He can only work through this form as a potentiality!!!    Why didn’t I hear that yesterday??     Why didn’t I see from the higher planes??

And so he continues to share:

Yesterday you were looking for the Divinity in the “man”.    But…..a “man” is just a man.    If you are still looking for a “man”….that IS what you will see.     If you look for the Great Soul – the Great Light – the Great Source of Life itself…..that IS what you will see……………whether encased within the man himself or not!!

It is all ILLUSION my dear!!    You know this….and yet you were distracted by it.     

But you missed nothing!!    In my Light……………… saw your own!!!!   Your journey has just begun!! ♥

Sooooooooo……my contemplation is now this.     Am I distracting mySelf with the surface entertainment of this earth realm??    Or am I endeavoring to honor and acknowledge the DEEPER EXCHANGE that is perpetually in place??



I AM so much greater and more expansive than I imagine mySelf to be!!!

In JOY and Ever-expanding LOVE,


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Learning To “Walk Our Walk”


Are we naturally “walking our walk” and “talking our talk”??    Or do we have one set of appropriate expectations for ourselves….and another set for all others??

I certainly know that we are each walking a path of Self-DISCOVERY……and there are many times that I silently witness myself to have made a less than loving or wise choice in a particular moment.    But I see, I learn, I remember, and I grow by the gift of that experience.

I hold no expectations for myself or others…..but I do stand in Awareness of what naturally unfolds.

Lately I’ve been close to some who talk a great talk……..and then make choices in opposition to their own expressed truth.    I attempt to gently mirror their truth back in order to encourage recognition.    But they either deflect….or relate the mirrored truth to some outside force for cause or blame.

It’s clear to me……that sometimes we each (all of us) have the ability to blindly set different rules, guidelines, and expectations for ourselves than we do for others.

I say this now in hope that recognition of this pattern…..may begin to shift its foundational essence.    This pattern is a remnant of an old paradigm that once served.

Not too long ago it was perfectly appropriate to think this silently….and then alternately reveal this openly.   It was common to have secrets, closed doors, and a self-preservational attitude.    But with spiritual evolution and self-awareness….comes a new paradigm of integrity and authenticity.

If our walk and talk isn’t aligned with what we outwardly proclaim…..then we are still living as a shallow expression of our full potential and Light.

For too long we’ve placed an ideal expectation on “they” and “them”….without holding ourselves accountable for those same goals and guidelines.

Awareness is key!!!!!

My first teaching in this came from my 6 year old son (he’s now approaching 13).     We drove into our development (at that time)….and noticed a torn garbage bag with filth strewn everywhere in a neutral part of the road.   No single house could claim it.   I naturally said “Ugghhhh…why don’t they clean this”??  And Matt innocently said “Well…can’t we clean it”??

His voice was like heaven’s Light.    Why was “I” placing blame to some outside force when I held the same ability to clean and offer community support??

I watched my use of “they” after that moment in time.   Which also allows me the vantage point of recognizing the extreme use of “they” in the verbiage and patterns of others.

In truth…..I don’t believe that a “they” mentality can co-exist with the concept of embodied Oneness.    It inherently implies separation.

In the Bhagavata Purana (an ancient Vedic text)….it says that in this Kali Yuga – Age of Dark Forgetfullness – even those clothed in sacred appearance will be feeding an alternate drive from within.

It’s too easy to excuse our own behavior and choices (myself included).    Are we genuinely walking with the purest vibration of Integrity and Authenticity??

It’s something to think about.

And……remember dear ones.    Even with this Awareness…..there is no right or wrong!!!!    There can only be what is right or wrong for ourSelves in any moment!!!!

Are we walking our own walk….with integrity??    Because our walk is the only walk that truly affects our journey!!   Our personal choices will naturally set us upon paths of karmic consequence. ♥

This whole great journey is just an adventure of possibility!!    If you choose Truth in your life……….don’t forget to BE TRUE TO YOURSELF!!!  (((Smile)))

In Faith and Ever-expanding Compassion,


Holograms of A Time Gone By


Memories can sometimes resurrect the remembrance of past moments, emotions, and experiences.     But it is not a memory that I speak of today.   Memories are simply the vehicle we use to “recall” and “reconnect” from a self-reflective point of view.

These holograms are much greater than a recalled experience.   From an unseen but discernible point of being……they actually seem to present and awaken the energies of that particular time gone by.   Imagine a de’ja’vu…..but with awareness.

Throughout my journey of awakening….I have experienced them several times….as once hidden parts of myself emerge to be cleansed in the Light of greater truth.    But this particular hologram that presents itself to me now….is persisting for more than a few days.    It is definitely time for me to understand this healing phenomena more completely!!!

For clarity and understanding…..I’ll describe my hologram to you now.

There have been a great number of times these last few days…….where I sense the energies of my past all around me.     For that split de’ja’vu-like moment….I actually feel like the self I was 13 years ago.    I can sense the home I had, waiting for me to return…….the husband I had, calling out to me….and the emotions I felt, now filling me.

I instantly remind myself that these sensations are not real……….and I’m actually shocked that my world is not as it once was.    Over and over I am processing the shock of this truth.

I shift and refocus my energy to the beauty of Now………..but I can still easily identify with the woman I was.    Reality is warped in these moments………and the past is all too approachable.

I have always believed that these time-locked energies that can present themselves as holograms have been stored within our own energetic frequency.   By giving voice to them……in love….we free them from that time-lock and merge them back into our wholeness.

But……they usually last no more than a day or so.

Dear Spirit……I’d like to know why I’m still feeling the presence of these past energies awakened??   I ask for clarity, guidance, and truth!!   Thank you.

Aaaaahhhhh….you’re too hard on yourself sometimes.   Still yourself for a moment dear one.   

You are identifying with that aspect of you because there IS an aspect of your precious self caught in that self-created time warp!!!    

Think back my dear.   To “move forward” from all you knew was not an easy choice.   It was the bravest thing you’ve ever done.     You knew it was the right choice for you……..and that it would eventually lead you to a path of discovery.

But…….there were also valid and precious parts of yourself that could not fathom a world other than that which you had known.  So………they (those parts is your precious spirit) clung to that alternate reality………and remained there harmlessly….until they recognized that they too want more.

Recently, your prayers have been for Wholeness….at all levels of being.        These energies that appear as holographic in nature are absolutely real!!!!   They call out and present themselves to you because they’d like you to know that they are still immersed in that alternate sense of reality.

From that point of recognition…… can decide if you’d like to welcome those precious parts of you back into the whole!! 

But my dear……please know that this alternate reality feels and appears real to those ancient parts of yourself.     You and they….together…..must once again make the decision to “step forward” freely into discovery.

You must stand in compassion and grace as you choose a new path for all aspects of yourSelf.    If you push through authoritatively……you won’t be honoring that precious part of yourSelf and its valid truth.      See, sense, and feel as those ancient aspects of yourSelf do……….and then lovingly GUIDE them to this new, empowering, and ever-expansive reality!!

Let them know that you welcome them home………..and celebrate their presence and participation in your current journey!!

These holograms (as you call them) are offering an opportunity for you to SEE yourSelf more clearly!!    Do not resist, detach from, or dismiss their powerful call.      A part of you is longing to be seen and embraced!!

Blessings my dear…..on your journey of self-discovery!!!!    We love and honor your Bravery and Light in all ways!!


THANK YOU!!!!! ♥

Because I’ve worked so long and hard to free myself from those emotions and pains………..I wasn’t imagining that it had all originated within!!!     I was feeling as though something was calling to me from outside of myself……and I needed to resist in order to remain a bit sane.   (((Smile)))

This is yet another opportunity to recall and lovingly reclaim lost aspects of my beautiful soul!!!     I shall honor this guidance today…………and am sure that I will find Peace and Empowerment shortly.

In Gratitude and Ever-expanding Love,