Shifting Belief Systems


Every bit of the personal world we now know today…has been woven together in its unique way…by the countless choices we make each day.   Each thought, action, and reaction creates an experience…and that single experience weaves together to create our reality

If we would like to shift or transform that reality in any way…we must begin to recognize that it is our conscious and subconscious belief systems that continuously guide our every thought, action, and reaction!!

We may be subconsciously drawing experiences of challenge and strain into our lives…because we believe (at some unseen level) that “life is a challenge” or “we must prove our worth through struggle”.    Without recognizing it…we may hold a deeply seeded belief that “it is our privilege to place another’s comfort and well-being before our own”.    And so…..we allow ourselves to become drained and exhausted in the effort to assist another.    That single subconscious belief can also allow us to feel guilty every time we bravely place ourselves first.

In all of our human complexity…we have each journeyed through an infinite number of varying experiences…that all offered and/or imposed varying beliefs upon our current belief system.

If we have been stung by a bee in the past…we may have formed a belief that tells us “bees are dangerous”.    And we may not begin to shift that current belief until we recognize that there may be other possible truths that hold purpose and power for us regarding bees.

Am I saying this clearly??   Is it beginning to make sense??

We may be consciously choosing to heal our body naturally…but not realizing that we also hold subconscious beliefs that tell us “only medicine has the power to heal” or “we are not worthy of being healed”.

We may have adopted these belief systems because of our own direct experience…or because another imposed their personal belief on to us.   But…we would not have embraced any belief unless we felt that the belief held truth and validity.

So…if we currently find it difficult to welcome great prosperity into our lives…then it may be time to re-evaluate our belief systems by bringing those subconscious beliefs into the Light of Divine Consciousness.

Within your heart….you are able to sense truth for yourself!!   As we begin to bring old belief systems into the Light…only you are able to sense and discern whether they still identify with you.    If you discover that this subconscious belief no longer holds validity for you……….you will instantly break the power it has over you!!!

Each day we are innately free to make new choices…and thereby create new experiences for ourselves.    Only the belief that we are limited….can limit us!!

So is it not time to step into Awareness…and to consciously create your current reality!?!?

It is simple enough to say “I choose love today”!!    But…it may take some brave fortitude to genuinely believe those words completely!!    As you begin to embrace its truth naturally (without struggle)…all old beliefs that lie in opposition will become obsolete and fade away.

You’ll be creating a new pattern of belief…and easily attracting all that aligns with that new belief system.   How fabulous!!

And…….if you notice that breaking an old pattern of belief isn’t always as easy as it appears to be……please be gentle upon yourself!!    It has taken eons (more than one life) to create the belief systems you have in place.    The core belief may be an ancient one….and need a bit of extra bravery and faith to break.   But….you can do it!!!

Only you have the right to choose your reality!!!

You are a master….remembering how to genuinely live as the master of your own destiny.

If I can support and assist you on this journey of Awareness and Self-Discovery…please contact me to schedule a private session.    This is my specialty!!    I can help you to see through the eyes of love…..and re-program all old un-serving thought patterns that limit your current truth and potential.

Not only can we welcome clarity and truth from your personal Guides, Guardians, and Angels…we can also retrieve ancient information about your Soul’s unique journey from the Akashic Records.

Together we may discover that your current irrational “fear of abandonment” was initiated in a life-experience from more than 500 years ago.    Or….we may bring soul remembrance to the empowered aspect of your bright spirit!!

It’s all so exciting when you open the doors for greater understanding and support!!

I love you….and wish you many blessings on your beautiful journey!!

In Joy and Ever-expanding Faith,


“You Are Divine Consciousness”


You are the Programmer of all you see, believe, and know!!   You are the Designer of your reality…..and you are the BEAUTY of all you design!!

You are Divine Source expressing yourSelf freely!!

Blast through that state of HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS that teaches us to be insignficant, inferior, or imperfect in any way!!


In all moments…….we choose that which our Human Ability and Power reflects.

Dream Big Dear Ones…..


© Alania Starhawk 2015



Dear Spirit……I Passionately Fly Freely and Effortlessly Into The Realms of Undeniable Infinite Potential Today!!  

I Confidently KNOW What It Is That I Most Wish To Energize, Participate In, Create and Birth.

My Heart Soars Into WHOLENESS Within MySelf….Accepting all BLESSINGS That Can Be.

Only TRUTH ~ BEAUTY ~ and AWARENESS Blossoms Radiantly Within Me.

In Gratitude and Bliss……..


© Alania Starhawk 2015

Shifting Old Patterns of Self-Sacrifice


I make great efforts in my life to walk my walk most genuinely.    I could never encourage another to “Be Light” unless I am willing and able to embrace that same potential truth for myself.

So………I stand in great awareness and self-reflection when my body tightens up in response to a seeming disrespect and injustice.     For weeks I have been challenging myself to “Be Light” in the midst of some chaotic, drama-filled experiences.    And…..I successfully navigated through each one with a bright smile and very little internal discord.

BUT………..I’ve definitely missed something on this journey of discovery.      I am now noticing that it takes very little to trigger that pent up feeling of disrespect and injustice.     I didn’t actually deal with it…….or rise above to a higher point of view (even though I tried).    I only attempted to.  The peace I was seeking…….only prevailed on the surface.

I have placed great intention on finding my Joy and honoring my Self these last few days.   My spirit is soaring once again…and I’m truly feeling like my expansive all-empowered Self!!     I feel (or felt) only the PERFECTION of all that is!!!

Until……………………I was triggered once again by an unbelievably small action of another a few minutes ago.    

My reaction is far too intense for what was genuinely shared.   My muscles are now tightened up, I’m naturally breathing slow and deep, I can hear the blood pulsing in my head, and silent tears are welling up in the corners of my eye without ever flowing.

Why is this reaction so intense??    It’s fully nonsensical.    And yet….here it is.

Please help me Dear Spirit to find true and deep PEACE within my being….at all levels.     I free myself from all past insecurities, expectations, and judgments.    I stand strong in the knowing that I AM whole and complete within my Self!!

Dear One…………..always trying to be the ‘strongest you’ you can be.    But…….strength does not come from denying the expression of your beautiful Self.    Do you not remember these words of wisdom: “Truth should never be hidden….only shared with Love.”

How often have you lovingly expressed the Truth of your heart recently??    How often did YOU assume responsibility for that which wasn’t yours to take on??   

You have voluntarily piled responsibility upon responsibility on top of your beautiful self….with caring intentions.     But…….beneath that pile of extraordinary weight………… easy is it to still honor the VOICE of your bright spirit!?!?

You have placed your own personal comfort and benefit behind the comfort and benefit of another……….and then built up silent resentment for being placed in that situation.

This is a very OLD pattern for you……………………..that has come to the surface in perfect time.

Because you now choose to SHIFT the reaction your body embraces………HEALING CAN TAKE PLACE!!!!!!!

It was never about the actions of another.   It is always about your reaction to that which appears.

Congratulations My Dear!!!!    Once again……….YOUR SPIRIT SOARS into greater remembrance and truth!!!

Thank You!!!! ♥

I can feel the shift within my body.    I can feel this pattern of limited thinking (going back countless years and lifetimes) healing itself.    I am grateful for all that is shared……and for the WONDER that now awaits!!

In Gratitude and Ever-expanding Love,


Seeing Beyond The Illusion


Do you also find that you need reminders of the Sacred Teachings that you’ve already embraced many times in the past?!?!    The fog of forgetfulness (an inherent aspect of our 3-dimensional earth life) can capture our attention whenever we allow it to.    We can easily step into victimhood, limitation, and separation whenever we consciously or subconscioiusly choose.

The challenge for a true Lightworker and Spiritual BEing……….is to see through the illusion…..and to choose LOVE.    Love is a force that lies beyond all earthly identity and validation.    It flows through all earthly energies…..infusing them and bringing LIFE to each of them.    But………….it is not inherently of the earth!!

Love is the ever-wondrous divine aspect of Spirit – of Source – and of Light………….that feeds all into BEing.    It sustains all….and connects all into blissful ONENESS.    It is the Jewel (the beauty, the unspoken mystery, the key, the ever-expansive potentiality) withIN the Lotus (our physicality, our vehicle of experience, our manifest illusion)!!!!!

So…………….although we are manifest into human form and experience…………it is only the GIFT of Spirit, Source, Light and Love that births it all into BEingness.

Which means……………….that each time we are giving power and control to any sense of limited experience…………we are feeding the ILLUSION of separation. ♥

Each time we see our bodies as less than whole and healthy….we are participating in the illusion.    Each time we believe that we lack sufficient time, money, resources, experience, love, or respect……we are giving attention and focus to the illusion of a structured physical reality!!

All physical reality can only be manifest through the GIFT of Love, Light, Source, and Spirit!!     So………………..all physical reality is not inherently negative or positive.     It is only a reflection of the experience we choose!!!

Even this seemingly structured illusion was not originally created to be so limited, painful, and confusing.    We (as a collective force of humanity) created it over countless lifetimes……… feeding the illusion and giving credence to its imposing, imprisoning, and controlling aspects.

In the past we stepped away from Source and from Truth……………………………..but is it not time to bravely accept our divine birthright once again!?!?!      The GIFT of Life, Love, Peace, Truth, Source, Light, and Spirit flows through us in infinite wonder!!!     We hold the ability to reBirth all into bright beautiful LIGHT………………the moment we reMember and Believe that we are ONE with all Source and all Love!!!

We Are Infinite and Whole Within Our BEingness…….When We Believe!! ♥

© Alania Starhawk 2015

Silent Reflection


My heart soars into countless journeys that often bring playful adventure, joyful laughter, and soulful comraderie.   But…….this evening…… heart yearns for the precious gift of Silent Reflection!!

Just a few moments ago…a magically perfect full moon began to rise above the northern foothills of Maine and reflect upon the glass-like waters of Rangeley Lake.

It’s as if this radiant moon heard the cry of my spirit……and echoed the voice of my soul for me!!    In sweet stillness…I wish to rise higher with each breath…simply allowing my bright spirit to BE all it naturally is.   Whether another sees, honors, understands, or supports my beautiful journey….makes no difference to my own perfectly profound trajectory.

I shall shine no matter what fascinating elements present themselves externally!!

Can you hear what I now convey quite subtly??

If (and when) I ever feel a bit lost and insignificant in the reflection of those who surround me……….it is only because I have momentarily forgotten about the natural Light and Wonder that I AM. 💛

The Moon does not rise because it seeks to prove its brilliance or gain external validation.   The beautiful Moon rises because it is in full and absolute alignment with the Universal Flow of Divine Life and Light!!!!!!    In silent reflection….it simply is.

Can I not hold that same innate knowing within my own beautiful self??   Is it not time to effortlessly embody my own greatest Truth….beyond compromise??

Remember……this has nothing to do with any other soul or outside force.     This is all about the ever-fabulous me.    Can “I” be so in love with my own greatest Light……that I naturally AM………without resistance,  compromise, or question?!?!

Dear Spirit…..See my precious soul.   Hear my precious cry.   Remind me of who I most brilliantly am!!!  Let me find my inner-source of Sacred Balance.    Let me bow down no more to the expectations and bounds-of-comfort others may have for me and my journey.  I am sovereign, divine, and in perfect alignment with all that most genuinely honors my Bright Spirit!!!!!    Within mySelf….I AM WHOLE!!!

© Alania Starhawk 2015

Shifting Paradigms…..and MONOPOLY


I believe that we are each beginning to consciously choose the paths of Love, Inspiration, Free-expression, and Self-Acceptance.    And with those choices…I believe that we’re shifting our collective and global paradigms at core levels.  As our individual choices to walk more compassionately add up………we begin to see a world founded in greater compassion and nonjudgment.   But because we are IN the shifting waters as they shift…..I don’t know that we truly sense how magnificent the shifts are!!!!!!

Last night we, as a family, chose to play Monopoly!!    I was never a great fan of it as a child.    I was always very happy to not play.    But……as an adult….I genuinely accepted it as a great tool for family bonding.   Stories of someone’s crazy experience in Monopoly continue to be told through the decades and generations.   So…….last night….I joyfully jumped into the experience fully ready to enjoy, appreciate, and honor the experience.

On the surface I went along with all that was expected of me.   I half-heartedly negotiated for properties…trying to get the upper hand.    I paid excruciating rents while watching only one person dominate the board.    I watched other players focus upon their acquisitions…with delight and fervor OR concern and apprehension.   And……I watched people’s inner demons sparkle and shine for just a split second every now and then.


This was once America’s favorite pastime???????

I never looked at Monopoly with fresh eyes before.    I always saw it as “great family fun”.     BUT…………I now fully and completely see it as a tool to Feed and Train a world of mini-consumerism-minions to fight their way through a structured and form-filled world!!!!!!!    

We believed that owning properties, getting paid, hitting a lucky streak, becoming broke, selling off your properties………..was all a ‘normal’ aspect of Life and Society.      NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!    It is not.     It is all an empty and fruitless illusion!!!!!!!!

Now…..I must tell you that I didn’t see any of this until I broke away from the table and began to walk away.    I always tell my clients and students……..”watch how your energy feels when you step away from an experience”.     My energy was deeply deflated, off, and guarded.   I still felt defensive… if Life had been sucked from me.

In the game………I followed the ancient paradigm of order and conformity.      But when I stepped away………..I saw clearly!!!!    “Monopoly” perfectly represents and promotes the harsh, relentless, and cold survival frequency that once served our society!!!!!   I am no longer at home in that energy……..and I am fully grateful that it’s heyday in american culture has come and gone!!!!

Our societal paradigm has shifted to more supportive, compassionate, and loving frequencies!!!!!!!!!!!!!     We no longer thrive in and blindly accept consumerism as our path!!!!   Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

So……today is a day to recognize that we are no longer who we once were!!!   We…as a society have grown and evolved!!!!   And we continue to do so daily.

Be faithful dear ones!!!    Greater LOVE and PEACE is most certainly our new destiny!!!

In JOY and Appreciation,