Naturally Whole…and Healthy


How often do we see ourselves as a work in progress??   We silently believe that we’ll exercise more, eat more nutritionally, bring greater physical, emotional, and mental healing to our lives, welcome in greater support and prosperity, and one day soon find the Peace we’ve been craving!!

In other words….we silently believe that tomorrow will be a whole lot better than today.  (((Smile)))

But what if we began each day with a prayer to genuinely remember how Whole, Blessed, and Healthy we are RIGHT NOW?!?!

This is my goal and intention for these next 7 days!!

Each morning I will still myself long enough to whole-heartedly welcome DIVINE LIGHT and SACRED REMEMBRANCE to fill my beautiful BEing!!     I will call on every Master of Light, Ancient Guardian, and Radiant Loved One to stand with me and ignite my BODY and SOUL to reMember the true brilliance of all I AM!!

You see………..I suddenly sense that some (I’m not admitting how much) of my energy each day is directed towards fixing mySelf in one way or another.    It’s not intentional.   It’s quite patterned and habitual.     So………instead of seeking to fix my insatiable desire to fix……….I thought I might simply REMEMBER that there isn’t anything to fix!!!!

If I stand strong in mySelf………and welcome PURE LOVE into my BEing each day…………………..I believe that all sense of imperfection shall become obsolete and fall away!!     

In the Light of Love…………..I AM COMPLETE, WHOLE, and HEALTHY!!!! ♥

I’ll keep you updated on my journey.   And if you choose to accept this challenge as well….then I encourage you to share your experience with those you love.

In Faith and Expansive Wonder,


Dear Spirit…What Is A “Veil”??


Dear Spirit…What Is A “Veil”??


As you are able to embrace a new vibration, frequency of truth, and experience as your own……you have lifted a “veil” of separation.    The experience of separation (from that perspective) is no longer necessary for you to feel comfortable and at home in your Self!! ♥

Channeled by Alania Starhawk

February 8th, 2013

Energize Your Experiences!!


Whether you are reading an intriguing book today, baking cookies for a loved one, leading a league of young ones to think outside the box, or bravely mountain hiking through the Andes…………………I encourage you to ENERGIZE YOUR EXPERIENCES!! ♥

  • Be Present

Know that this moment is precious and is exactly where you wish to be

  • Be Grateful

Know that this experience is a gift of opportunity and brings many unspoken blessings

  • Be Aware

Know that you are the bright one designing and orchestrating your journey

  • Be YOU

Know that you are an infinite expression of divine wonder flowing in harmony with all that most beautifully is

© Alania Starhawk 2015

An Authentic Reflection


As I continue to contemplate the ups and downs I witness in myself and in others………Spirit brings me this message of Awareness on this bright and blissful morn.

Dear Spirit….Please remind me in this moment of that which I neglect to see.

That you can not SEE the impact you make on those you meet….is quite funny.

You offer them each an opportunity to see themselves most genuinely!!    You pull no punches and hold back no authenticity.   As you see it… you react (as lovingly as can be).

That’s the ebb and flow of Life my dear.    

It’s the Gift of Living Authentically!!

If only the tide flowed in….how uncomfortable would each soul be??

A balance of give and take, inspiration and contemplation, must be had….to forge a foundation of Truth and non-judgmental Acceptance within yourSelf and all that surrounds you.    

This world isn’t filled with only lollipops and roses.    And still…does that make it any less perfect and complete??

Accept the Gift of Awareness my dear…and continue to SEED Light into all you touch.    But release the need to mold all into any “ideal” state of BEing.

Who are you to direct their journey??   The conflict can only be found…when you struggle with accepting all that naturally is.

Reflect…my dear.   Do not direct that which is not yours to direct. ♥

Be at Peace…knowing that your reflection is pure and clear.    If another chooses to see themselves with awareness too…you are offering them an opportunity to do so in your unique gift of authentic Truth.

This is all taking place on subtle energy fields of exchange.    You need not recognize all that is….for it to be.   Trust that your BEing the Light that you naturally are… offer opportunities to shift and expand.

Be at PeAcE!!   All is perfectly aligned for each soul’s perfect journey!!

How my world does shift with the gift of Divine Awareness and Grace!!   Thank you beautiful Spirit…for your support and your Love.     I am forever Blessed by each message of love you generously share.

In JOY and Ever-expansive Wonder,


An Intuitive’s Quandary


Every intuitive soul can tell you that they often sense a greater Truth beneath the surface that is presented.     Sometimes that greater Truth reveals the sweet care and love that another is unable to express.     And sometimes that greater Truth suggests that there is an underlying disrespect or misunderstanding settling in the mind of those they face.

So…’s the quandary.    Do we, as the intuitive, respond to that which is presented on the surface??    Or do we trust our instincts regardless of whether they are validated in the physical (as of yet)??

It’s an easy choice to make when we are not emotionally connected to the underlying Truths we detect.    But it can also play havoc within our psyche when we are guided to trust and accept our own instincts above the proposed Truth of another.

If we respond to the Truth we sense…….our reaction can appear cold, selfish, and out of place.    But if we respond to that which is presented on the surface….we allow ourselves to participate in an empty exchange of shallow energy.    And if we no longer walk with integrity………we’ve compromised our own sense of BEing.

I’ve danced this dance before…..and have chosen to trust my instincts simply because I can’t not.    I’m aware of the chaos that ensues when I disregard my intuitive points of view.  (((Smile)))

I currently find myself facing two separate souls that I honor and care for.    One precious soul is in denial of the impersonal energy that has too commonly become the norm……and one can’t seem to see (even momentarily) from my perspective no matter how clearly I seek to express myself.

I’ve spent tooooooo much time discerning how to respond to each one.    I’m beginning to think that it’s not their choices that I’m questioning…………….but that of my own!!

It’s not only important for an intuitive to sense clearly and true.    It’s also important to TRUST our instincts without doubt of it all.     My heart is absolutely Pure!!    I wish to see the best in each soul!!     Seeing Truth (even varying Truth from my own) is not inherently better or worse.    It just is.    Acceptance of what genuinely is will allow me to redirect my energy productively….and feed a world of expanding possibility!!

Perhaps my quandary isn’t in how to choose, react, and respond.  It’s in being OK with how I choose, react, and respond!!

It seems that we return once again to the wise addage “know thyself”.    With that personal stance…all will naturally and harmoniously flow.

In Gratitude and FAITH,


Siva and Shakti Incarnate


“The Goddess in her would not be denied this experience of incarnation: the loving for which they had taken human form.”

~ The Siva Purana

Surely the Goddess in me is calling to the power-filled One who embodies my Breath, my Heart, and my Light in masculine form!!     From the same source of timeless existence we’ve come to discover each other (once again) on the physical realms.

A perfect Siva for my Shakti • Now awaits my Siren call • Piercing through the veils • Of opposition and resistance • To settle into Wholeness • In the Heart of his bright Soul
May these mortal forms Surrender • To the Brilliance that can be • When we Choose to reMember • Our Natural state of Divinity

OmSatChitAnanda ♥

From my Heart to Yours
We Are ONE

In JOY and Remembrance,


A Message of Love from The Crystal Realm


Dear brothers and sisters of The Crystal Realm of Light…speak to me!!   Share your truth!!   Please share a message of LOVE that will support our journey!!

You can’t yet imagine that which we genuinely bring to each of you!!    We are much more a part of your earth realm than you see or imagine.

We are not only contained within the physical forms you perceive.   We are the MESSENGERS of a much greater Truth!!

We carry the codes to awaken your Light SELVES!!   Not just on a unique individual basis…but on a grand scale of Awakening!!

When the tides turn…and the balance of souls CHOOSE Peace, Love, Compassion and Forgiveness in their lives…so our (the crystal realm’s) lights will unveil our greatest Truth!!    Our LOVE and Knowing of who you are…and have always been…will touch every aspect of BEing on this earth realm!!

We are the WISDOM KEEPERS ~ and the WISE ONES on this earth!!   And we do not hold this title for prestige.   We accept this privilege because we know how vital this Truth IS to your (humanity’s) journey of evolutionary awakening!!

We carry the TRUTH CODES safely within our energetic grid…so that when YOU as a family of elevated Light BEings are ready to accept this knowledge once again…it shall be HERE (on the earth realm) for you to easily find and RE-CLAIM!! ♥

For as we’ve said many times before…”You Do Not Walk Alone”!!

And now…you have one more glimpse into what these words truly mean.   We are HERE (in your 3-dimensional reality) to support your journey!!   We (crystals and humans) are entwined in our DESTINY!!

So know that as you choose to welcome us into your lives…at all vibrations that can be…we shall be HONORED TO CO-CREATE with you most joyfully!!   For this moment of Awakening is what we are each here for…doing our own parts to support THE ALL!!

Feel our LOVE now fill you…and remind you each of what can be when you B E L I E V E!! ♥

Channeled by Alania Starhawk

January 31st, 2014