dearest ego…


ego.  ego.  how you posture.  what is it that you hope to find??  in that stance.  uncompromising.   what is it that you hope to find??  let your guard down.  feel the love.   imagine that only peace can flow.

ego.  ego.  no opposition lies before you.   no obstacle to love divine.  be at peace throughout your being.  you are perfect as you are!! ♥

© Alania Starhawk 2016

The Path Less Traveled

How comfortable are we on a truly ‘unmarked path’??

If we were to find ourselves in a new experience without any directions or pre-orchestrated guidance…would we still feel SAFE and provided for??

For many of us free-spirited creative beings…..a rebellious nature has often directed us towards the less structured and loosely enforced parameters of experience.   But still…can we even imagine what an outwardly unmarked path is!?!?

In dream after dream last night…I was reminded that there are a million and one voices around us each day…all directing our attention towards their chosen point of believing, seeing, and being each day.   All of those voices subconsciously saying “do this.  don’t do that.”

But…it suddenly dawned on me in the cacophony of passionate voices…that none of these voices are authentic to their inner undefined nature either.   They all formed their current point of view upon the other ideal ways of being that had been placed upon them.

In the hazy clarity of a trance-like dream state…I could genuinely see that we are a society of pre-conceived notions and truths.

We have all been taught that it’s best to color inside the lines, to stay on the marked path, to prepare for all contingencies (that haven’t created themselves yet), to work hard for all we wish to have, to provide for our families, to honor sunday as a day for family and faith (as well as placing a capital S on sunday), to not have ice cream for breakfast and countless other indoctrinated idiosyncrasies!!

In almost all moments…..we have some set of previously established guidelines in place…directing our beliefs, choices, and reactions each day.

How often do we truly accept the opportunity to disempower the previously established guidelines in order to utilize our inner voice as a path of guidance and truth!?!?

That’s why so many of us are learning to honor our unique voices, to explore the unknown, and to imagine new ways of being.   We are the brave ones beginning to honor all paths and choices as perfect and purposeful!!!   We are the compassionate ones beginning to listen to our hearts above all other outward guidance!!!   And we are the wise ones beginning to celebrate the beauty of every unique being!!!

Can we genuinely learn to hear those million and one voices around us….without believing that they have any inherent impact upon us??

Can we confidently know that all potentiality is held in every brief moment….and only ‘we’ can discern that which is perfect and just for us!?!?

Let go of searching outwardly for safe passage, direction, and guidance!!

All you require….already exists within.

Your Spirit is your compass and your neon sign.

Honor your inner voice….and you will always be home.

© Alania Starhawk 2016

Flowering of the Heart

I welcome support and inspiration from all Light-filled realms of BEing!!  Remind me of who I am…and what is now in motion for me.

There is a flowering of energy flowing from deep within!!

As energy moves outward it unites with other energy that supports its frequency and vibration.   It draws ‘like’ energy to itself…and then returns to Source magnified.

This includes every prayer, effort, and energetic offering that can be.

We are perpetually expanding our concept of life, love, and personal identity.

This is what is meant by ‘flowering of the heart’.   It’s a natural expansion!!

Some may ask why every soul is not awakening at greater rates.    But we remind you that energy flows outward from within and attracts ‘like’ energy on its cyclical journey.


If you wish to welcome more love in….you must first radiate more love out. ♥

A Conversation with Divine Light

© Alania Starhawk 2016

My Force-Field of Light

In more than one of these vast unseen universal realities that are…I’m pretty darn sure that I AM A JEDI…clear and pure!!   The Force and I are ONE evident Truth…and no separation between us can be.

When I’m clear…I can recognize that as my REALITY in this human experience as well.   But…it sometimes takes a bit more effort to genuinely TRUST the Force as an aspect of mySelf.

I often speak of the Force-Field of Light I have around me (in this current reality).   I am very proud of it…because it ensures that ONLY that which I welcome into my life…touches me.   I powerfully envision only Love, Truth, Respect, Inspiration, Joy, and Blossoming Wonder flowing to me in infinite measure.   And my Force-Field of Light naturally upholds the boundaries of these prayers and intentions.   It’s like my supernatural bouncer (of the nightclub variety)…standing at the gate of my energetic domain…approving all that has permission to enter.

This is why I am surrounded by much BEAUTY in my life.   I truly don’t wish to entwine with the ‘dark side’ upon my journey.

Throughout the years…I have always received a clear sign when a ‘disturbance in the force’ was attempting to shake the integrity of my Force-Field.   And with this gift of Awareness…I have been able to amp up my prayers to ensure that MY intentions are held pure in Love and Light.

Clearly stated….my Force-Field of Light can only be shaken if ‘I’ begin to align with opposing frequencies!!    Those opposing frequencies of fear, doubt, insecurity, lack, and victimhood can be presented by another on my journey.   But they can only shake my field of LIGHT if ‘I’ align with them…and give some level of credence to them.

Recently…another reminded me of the battle that often goes on between the Light and the Dark.    Although I feel absolutely safe and secure in the LIGHT that fills my world…I also know what it feels like to battle the Dark in efforts to find the Light.

Without recognizing it….I began to align with the belief that holding onto our place in the Light is a battle.    I began to give greater power to the ‘dark side’…if only for a subconscious moment.

But…….because my beautiful and radiant Force-Field of Light is in place…..I received a literal ‘wake-up call’ in the middle of the night.

As I tossed in bed…I heard something go flying through the room.   I apparently fell asleep with my phone…and sent it flying as I tossed the blankets around.    The screen cracked……which would normally trigger my ego.    BUT……….I only saw the crack upon the glass screen as a crack in my Force-Field of Light. 

I am so blessed!!   That crack symbolized the ‘disturbance in the force’.   Instead of being upset….I was incredibly thankful for the ‘wake up call’.

I love my world of effortless LIGHT support!!   It is not a challenge to uphold in any way.   It is my TRUTH.    And no opposition can distract me from that reality!!!   It’s all a choice. I am always in control of all that flows.

And….as a sidenote…let me add another reminder that has awakened in me.

My soul has often felt that in order to honor another’s journey…..I must dive into their pit of experience with them.     BUT………the greatest way for me to Love and Support them is to stand in my unshakable glistening Light…..and to call them IN (or up) to journey with me!!

There’s never enough room to soar and dance in the pit.   My world is ever-expansive…and all are welcome to journey with me IN THE LIGHT OF LOVE!!!

And so it is!!

© Alania Starhawk 2016


Custom Designed Realities

The door is open!!   

The time is here!!

Those who are ready to stand in Light and Truth are being offered opportunity after opportunity to stand in that Light and Truth!!

They will bravely do so…not because it is an easy path…but because it is the path they choose.

And…as Trust in this joy-filled, blessing-filled world expands…so all opposition to this inherent truth FADES AWAY!!!!

Custom Designed Realities is what we speak of today….allowing all unique realities to coincide simultaneously!!

Another’s experience does not set the parameters and boundaries for your own!!

No interference or obstacle can be a part of your own fateful journey.

You are the Creator and you are the Creation!!

You are the Dreamer and you are the Dream!!

Only YOU can decide that which supports your journey.

~ Divine Spirit

© Alania Starhawk 2016

Non-judgment As A Path


My body has been through several energetic activations and downloads this past week.   Each one allowed me to feel more IN LOVE with mySelf and the path that I am on….but I now notice that they also triggered emotional pains and insecurities within me too.

I can see that as I am presented the vision of a fully loving journey…I am simultaneously reminded of the experiences that once brought me much less.   Is this part of the evolutionary journey to true Peace and Love??  Must we always see the contrast between all-encompassing bliss and gut-wrenching sorrow??

In this space of confusion…I naturally call upon my Spiritual Guardians to bring awareness and understanding.   They are here with me now.   And in a voice of true COMPASSION…they remind me that all discomfort and sorrow arises from the belief that it ‘should be’ another way.

If there is discomfort within my being…then there is also a firmly held EXPECTATION at play.   

Think of every experience, relationship, and disharmony that has been in your life.   Aren’t you feeling greater pain for what’s not??   Even when we place our focus upon the injustice or disrespect…the ‘pain’ comes from believing that we are far separated from the ideal way of being.

As I think of all the emotional wounds rising to the surface this week…I can definitely align with this way of seeing.   There’s a part of me still holding out for the recognition, appreciation, and respect I deserve.

See!!  Right there.   It’s out on the line.   I am holding out for some expected outcome!!

How interesting.   I was so proud of my actions and choices in each of these experiences.   I could only see error on ‘the other side’.   But….for there to be error….there must be judgment!!!

Is it possible that every single emotional wound that is……….stems from our uncompromising belief that something else ‘should be’?!?!    As loving and compassionate as I believe myself to be….am I still holding silent expectations in place??

It takes work to embrace a true path of Non-judgment and Love!!!

For me to authentically LOVE another……I must honor and accept all experiences as perfect!!!!

I might have to repeat that last statement to anchor it in to my conscious belief system. (((Smile)))

For me to authentically LOVE another……I must honor and accept all experiences as perfect!!!!

And in case you haven’t caught it……..that is directed towards our own actions and choices as well!!   We can’t hold ourselves accountable to another set of standards if we are to stand in absolute authenticity.

Since I have opened the door to welcome greater LOVE into my life….these past wounds have surfaced with hopes of being healed.    Perhaps the contrast of ‘then and now’ is simply giving me an opportunity to test out my newly embraced super powers IN LOVE.

I Choose Non-judgment!!

I Choose Freedom to BE!!

I Choose Love!! ♥

Now…….my egoic self may need a little patience and compassion as I make this my chosen path.   But I am dedicated to NON-JUDGMENT of my Self…and every other bright soul I meet.

After all…any perception to the contrary is just a story we tell ourselves.  Is it not??

So…Non-judgment it is.

© Alania Starhawk 2016

Truth of Our Divine Light

Dear Spirit,

I wish to remember ~ to awaken ~ to honor ~ and to embrace the true Light of my Soul.

Draw back from your current awareness, Dear One…and from all which appears to offer you truth.

Step back through the doorway of Creation to see yourSelf without form.

Can you recall the Light bouncing to you and through you most naturally…allowing the impulses of all Nature to be at HOME within your BEing?!?!

Where the un-manifest force of Divine Consciousness spoke to you in an effortless flow of ever-expanding Omnipresent TRUTH.

What was ‘not’ could not even be a concept…because ALL is always in sweet cosmic potentiality.

You were whole and complete within yourSelf…lacking no thing!!

A Divinely Channeled Inspiration

© Alania Starhawk 2016