Angels of Justice


It’s been quite a few years now…since I heard the powerful urging “Call on the Angels of Justice!!” reverberating through my being.

The first time was in a moment of challenge and desperation for a dear friend.    She had found herself in a situation that held false blame against her and deep disrespect for the integrity-filled energy she had always shared.     And before she had described the full situation to me through the tears and the fear…I heard the powerful knowing beat like thunderous truth “Call on the Angels of Justice!!”

I didn’t channel words of wisdom in that call.    I didn’t find a plethora of comforting thoughts to surround her with.    I stood strong and unbending…and conveyed her simple message with confident knowing that all would somehow find balance and harmony…even in the midst of this turmoil!!

And SO…it was less than an hour later when I received the calmer call to notify me of the harmony that had been found.    Miraculously…in the midst of ill-intended darts and arrows that were slung…TRUTH CAME TO THE SURFACE and fully cleared her of the wrongful blame.    Apologies began flowing…instead of hurtful complaints.

From that point forward…her journey is not ours to share (even though it most certainly is a tale of empowerment).    What we can now discuss is the marvel and wonder of the ANGELS of JUSTICE!! ♥

Since then…I have shared that loving advice over and over.   “Call on the Angels of Justice!!”    And over and over…they have brought TRUTH to the surface and ushered BLESSINGS into a situation that was previously filled with chaos and/or unworthiness.    They brought harmony though out the greater aspects of knowing…and peace within the hearts of those invoking this prayer.

The Angels of Justice represented the power of SUPPORT and LOVE in moments of perceived helplessness and despair.

BUT…they tell me “We are not just for the grand and perilous situations.   We can help you to manifest great PEACE in all areas of your life!!   We are here to assist and co-create with you in all ways.”

In fact…to understand them more fully…let me share my very first conversation that I had with them.    Read it as though they are speaking directly to you!!   If you are here now…their message is most certainly for you!!

Dear Angels of Justice…Thank you for all that you have shared!!    Can you please speak to me now??    Please help me to see you and sense your purpose with each of us??  

There is never a moment in time that you are without our assistance and our love.    To call out our name is not necessary.     And yet…to call on us specifically…awakens an energy of Justice that flows through the ethers and becomes alive and real for you.    This energy naturally flows through you and all that is…in all moments!!    It is pure…and it is clear!!

To call on our assistance and support…marks a moment in which you are ready and prepared to see yourself in great Light…and with great Power!! 

You are never on your journey alone.    We shall always work together with you…to welcome a vibration of compassionate LOVE and HARMONY in to your life and intended situation.    

The clarity of words are not fully needed.    The moment you call our name…we connect directly to your heart.   We see what is felt deep within…and we clearly see where our assistance is needed most.     

From that moment on…keep your focus on the truth of seeings LIGHT infiltrate the entire situation!!    That is your only focus!!   Do not worry about how Justice comes about.    Just know that once we are called…in a blink of an eye…ALL IS TRANSFORMED!!   

Do not concern yourself with the process.    Just follow your heart without judgment…and know that we will guide you in all moments.   Trust in yourself…and all you do!!   You are not alone!!

Thank YOU!!   Can you please tell me what types of situations you are here to assist with??

To censor a situation of not being worthy of our Love…is to not know Love.   When you desire our assistance…WE WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU!!   Call on us as you feel guided to.    You can do no wrong.   You are all children of God and of Love.    There is no fault in your heart…only the desire to be Loved!!    Open your hearts…call on our assistance…and accept our Love.   For our LOVE can heal much more than you see!!

Thank YOU!!   Is there any other message of love or guidance you wish to relay??

Today…in each of your hearts…lays an untapped font of infinite POTENTIAL and POWER!!    Within your own sacred hearts…hear and now…lies the ability to TRANSFORM YOUR OWN REALITY toooooo!!!     When calling on our Light and our Love….you are reminded that options and solutions exist beyond that which you once perceived.     But these wondrous solutions need not come from outside of your radiant being!!    Your prayer and your call for compassionate Justice, Peace, and Harmony is enough to put all in motion!!    When you will it….so it will be!!    The universe can not work in opposition to that which you believe is probable or possible.   It can not!!     Truly BELIEVE in the wonder and outcome that you are worthy of…and so it will naturally be!!

Blessings to each of you on your brave and beautiful journeys!!   

Ahhhhhhh….Angels of Justice…you spark that remembrance within my being!!    You remind me that this universe has infinite solutions and outcomes to support my journey in the manner that best represents MY personal beliefs and requests.     I am never alone!!    I AM Loved, Blessed, and Supported in all moments!!   Thank YOU for this awakened truth and guidance!!   I Love You!!

And I love each of my blogging brothers and sisters tooooo!!    May this message bring you comfort and strength to walk bravely on your path.    For you are always protected and loved…and the miracles are just waiting to reveal themselves for you!!

In Joy and Ever-flowing Gratitude,


The Impermanence of All Things


We each have a deeply seeded belief that to “let go” is to lose.

Who ever initiated that thought, teaching, and belief??    It’s not a very divine perspective. ♥

For our divinity reminds us that we are INFINITE in our experience ~ our potential ~ and our BEing!!

There are NO BOUNDARIES placed on our experiences…and NO LIMITATIONS to that which can easily manifest for us.    So why do we cling to that which we currently “know”??

I don’t wish to imply that the other side of the fence is always greener…or greater wonder awaits at the rainbow’s end.    I don’t wish to direct your attention forward and tell you that all you now have is inferior to that wish is coming.   (((Smile)))

In truth…we are surrounded by Love ~ Support ~ Guidance ~ Inspiration ~ and Divine Light in all moments!!    So one can not be “better” than another.

But…I shall tell you dear friends…that LIFE is an ebb and flow of energy!!    All things naturally come and go.   And with each moment of influx and release…comes an opportunity to welcome new blessings and release that which no longer mirrors the wise souls that we’ve become.

For we can not possibly recognize the genuine BRILLIANCE that flows through each of us right now.    For a full and beautiful lifetime…we’ve been evolving and learning ~remembering and embracing ~ even greater ways of BEing!!    We are no longer who we once were last week, month, or year.    We have grown!!

And so we must recognize…that as we evolve and grow ~ expand and explore ~ we SHIFT OUR VIBRATIONS…and naturally call to ourselves greater opportunities to see ~ be ~ and celebrate life!!    

That’s the natural order!!

But…I believe…that our indoctrinated selves RESIST that flow of re-birth and re-lease.

Because shift and change brings uncertainty…we cling to the comforting walls of that which we intimately know….even when Spirit shouts:

“You Are Free!!   Imagine The Possibilities!!”

We have each learned to be strong and warrior-like.    But sometimes…it suits our beautiful spirits to simply say:

“Thank You For This Opportunity To Re-birth My Beautiful Being!!”

Perhaps it’s only a shift of perspective that will alter your reality in a powerful way.    Perhaps it’s in welcoming greater prosperity and joy…that your journey will be blessed.    And perhaps you will be guided to joyfully and bravely break down every sense of structure that once served you.

Given the choice…do you wish to stay safely in status quo??    Or…do you wish to align more fully with that which DIVINE SOURCE has planned for you??

It is…after all…only a choice!!

There is a time – space – and purpose for all things.    And when that journey feels naturally complete…throw your arms out to the universal energies that love you…and scream:

“Show Me More!!”

For I AM worthy of Prosperity ~ Joy ~ Wonder ~ Magic ~ Light  ~ and Love!!      Lead me to that which lovingly mirrors the BEAUTY of all I am!!

And…so it is!! ♥

To cling…is to limit the flow of divine truth.

To trust…is to know that you are worthy of no less than divine energy.   So…no less can possibly be!!

May you each know deep peace and effortless bravery as you explore the possibilities that await you!!

In JOY and Ever-flowing LOVE,


It All Begins Within

I honor the artist of this image!!

I honor the artist of this image!!

Imagine a world where our dreams easily become a manifest reality!!    Can you see the BEAUTY that I now speak of??   In this world of dreams come true…each soul walks tall with a great sense of peace, pride and contentment.    They naturally feel safe, protected and blessed.    They are without the need to be anything other than that which they WISH to be!!   For in this dream-like world of infinite possibilities…only that which we choose becomes our manifest reality.

This is the Shangri-La so many of us would love to know.   But…HOW do we transform the world we are currently a very real part of…into the world that does manifest our dreams as we wish them to be??

Well…my dear friends…IT ALL BEGINS WITHIN!!

Take a moment to think about where you find yourself right now.    Are you fully content with all you see…or do you have plans for yourself and your evolutionary journey??   Being honest and clear with yourself right now…will bring the  that is needed to seed your new reality.

For if you choose to believe that life is a journey of mysterious circumstance…then you will continue on that path of misdirected accountability.   That is beautiful…for you.    I honor your brave choice!!

But if you choose to accept authority for that which you CAN change and affect in your life…then I applaud your strength and fortitude!!   By accepting responsibility for your CHOICES…you can also build an awareness within of how you think, create, and respond to opportunities in your world.    And that is the beginning of shifting your current experience.

We must begin to recognize that as humans…we live in DUALITY!!    We can often identify with both sides of a spectrum.   We can see success for ourselves in one moment…and demise for ourselves in the next.   We often never notice that as we put all of our effort into manifesting beauty and prosperity in our life….that we also subconsciously believe that disappointment and lack is a potential possibility!!    Without recognizing it…we are self-sabotaging our own efforts!!

But…no more my friends!!   THE DOUBT STOPS HERE!! ♥

With our new-found gift of awareness we can recognize that we subconsciously give credence to both potential outcomes and realities.      And we can now bring change to that which no longer serves us!!

No longer do we wish to re-cycle the same pattern of status quo!!   No longer do we choose to look straight ahead while subconsciously responding to an experience long gone by!!

Find your strength my friends!!    This is where we affect CHANGE in our lives!!   Deep within your heart and soul…begin seeing the clear path of Prosperity, Joy, Accomplishment, and Success as your personal TRUTH once again!!   Let go of the why, when, where or how.    See yourself as WORTHY…and know that that is enough!!

For our fortitude and faith in these optimistic expectations will be challenged from time to time.   But only YOU can allow the seeds of doubt or of faith to take root in your personal world!!    And that’s where your strength will be needed.    It’s up to you to stand strong…claiming only the vision that you CHOOSE!!

Our experiences will surely be shaped by the thought processes and beliefs we embrace.

If it is a program of fitness and health that you choose to undertake…do not see the daunting levels of physical endurance that will be needed.   Redirect your energy to see the healthy impact you make on your world by joyfully honoring the program you have designed for yourself!!    When we focus on the benefits…the challenges no longer seem so challenging.

And if it is a new and inspiring job that you choose to embrace...see the JOY of finding a workplace and team that support your journey!!   See yourself being at home in the new energy…and others appreciating the effort you share.    See yourself feeling GRATITUDE for all that is brought to you.    Release the belief that it’s too good to be true.    You are worthy of every imaginable BLESSING and JOY!!

Can you now see that it is our personal Belief System that shapes our experience??   Slowly, as we begin to trust in the prosperity and blessings as our divine right and reality…SO IT WILL BE!!

As we genuinely BELIEVE that we are protected, safe and loved…our world will naturally and powerfully reflect only the self-empowering truths we wish to know.   And SO…we will have created the Shangri-La I previously spoke of above!!


Do you have the strength to see your greatest potential and success becoming manifest??   Are you ready to welcome only Blessings and Love into your life??    If so…your world is filled with infinite possibility!!

I wish you each BLESSINGS on your journey!!   May you know only LOVE!! ♥

In JOY and Ever-flowing Gratitude,





Remembrance and Recognition


What a difference a day makes!!

I was honored to be part of an inspirational health and wellness festival this weekend in beautiful St. Petersburg, FL.     By all earthly standards, I was a simple vendor of crystals and minerals for this event…and was excited about the opportunity to share my love, knowledge and admiration for the crystal kingdom with everyone I meet.

And…that is exactly what happened on the first day of the festival.    Saturday was filled with beautiful people…and loving energy.    I felt smiles and joy flowing through my being…knowing “life is good” and “i am blessed”!!

But Sunday was different.     Sunday opened a gateway to the higher planes of being and existence!!    On Sunday…the beautiful human people I met became Raw, Real and Intoxicatingly BEAUTIFUL!!!     Their hearts radiated with a pure power that is simply DIVINE…and ushered in a wave of RECOGNITION and REMEMBRANCE!!

Through out the day…the underlying and unspoken message was “I SEE YOU” and “I LOVE YOU”!!

Beautiful strangers were standing before me…and melting in the genuine LOVE our hearts embraced!!   Tears of wondrous SOUL RECOGNITION touched many of us…and the flame of DIVINE REMEMBRANCE awakened our sleeping spirits.    We were HOME in each others’ eyes!!

How beautiful is that??

It was truly miraculous…and profound.

My SPIRIT became boundless on more than one occasion!!

And still…I feel the LOVE flowing powerfully through me!!    What shall I do with it??   Where shall I begin??

The possibilities are ever-expanding.    But…for right now I’d like to simply scream;

“THANK YOU” To Every Masterful Soul Who Danced With Me Today!!    “THANK YOU” To Every Beautiful Heart-felt Sentiment That Lifted My Spirit To A Space of Pure LOVE and BLISS!!    “THANK YOU” To The Passionate Drummers Who Shattered All Physical Boundaries With Your Hypnoticically Elevating Heart-Beat!!   “THANK YOU” To Every Unseen Wonder That Still Blesses and Ignites My Soul In Ahhhhhmazing Ways!!

And…To My Radiant Spirit For Just BEing Who I Am…”THANK YOU”!!

We are each so BEAUTIFUL and LUMINOUS in our own precious ways!!    And just LOOK at what happens when we all converge with sacred and divine intent.     We open the gateway for HEAVEN ON EARTH!! ♥

What a difference a day makes!!

In Ever-blossoming JOY and WONDER,


Living In The Shadow of What’s “Not”


Suddenly the word “Not” seems like the silliest…most inconsequential word ever.    Does it even carry real meaning or authority??

The answer is…YES!!    If…and only IF we give it the power to do so.

If you asked me ANY time over the last eleven years (including yesterday) whether I am attached to what is not in my life…I would have proudly and confidently stated “No!!”.    I have worked hard to push forward…see possibilities…and be fully grateful for all that is in my life.     And when met with a pang of remembrance for what is not…I mourn for a single moment…and shift my vision forward once again.

Isn’t that what is best??    Isn’t that what brings healing and growth??

That is after all what my guides have been telling me for years.    “Each day is an opportunity to rebirth ourselves.   It’s beautiful to honor what has been…then imagine and discern what you wish to be.”     For as we move forward…we’ll gain clarity and understanding.    We’ll begin to see the beauty in every moment and experience.

And I believed that.    I can truly see how far I’ve come!!   Each year my accomplishments have grown…both personally and professionally.    But…in the silence there was still great unspoken sadness.

The sadness hid deep within…guising itself in personal strength and fortitude.    We told ourselves that we are survivors…and we won’t let the disappointments become the guiding force for our future.     We stood tall and strong…and braved our way through each day.    And soon enough…we believed our own tale.

We believed that we freed ourselves from the sadness, disappointment, encoded fear, and deeply seeded longing (for what’s not).     We believed ourselves to be fully independent of what has been…and fully committed to what is and shall be.

BUT….today I see clearly!!

For two years….my continuous prayers have been to BE FREE ENOUGH TO BE ME!!!     I have wished full-heartedly to STOP holding myself back….to BELIEVE in my own voice and potential….to RECOGNIZE the beauty that i am…and to HEAL at levels deep and clear!!      For I knew that my personal power was not all it could be….but I couldn’t see HOW to genuinely free myself from the stagnation that was.

And through out this two years…I have had profound healing experiences that have broken barriers of time and space!!     They have opened doorways and gateways to the deepest caverns of self…and the greatest heights of all that is!!!     I have been lifted up by the hand of God…purified in the sacred flames of Grandfather Fire…and filled with the remembrance of who I truly am (beyond human perception).

I have been gifted with love immeasurable…and support unconditional.     And gently….I began surrendering the secret blame and disappointment.     Gently….my prayers to be FREE held greater power because I was claiming this truth at deeper levels of being.     The resistance to this great feat was melting…and the genuine desire to BE FREE was growing.

I’ve always shared much of my journey on these pages.     So…you’ll know that most recently…I’m learning to honor my body and my self more fully.    I’ve slowed my metabolism, my mind chatter, and my repetitive nature down so much so….that I can clearly SEE!!!

In wishing to fully nurture my body…I recognize that I’m naturally nurturing my spirit.     I’m telling the universe (and my deepest selves) that we are worthy of the BEST this beautiful world has to give.     And i’m watching this simple declaration have greater, unrelated effects than I could have imagined.     The duties of life that were once tedious, exhausting, and time-consuming to me….are easily honored (without a conscious thought).      Because…I’ve commanded all that I am worthy of.    “I” am the one sub-consciously commanding more of myself as well!!!

The excuses (that I believed were genuine) don’t seem to be present.     My body is still worn down from cold symptoms…but i’m getting more accomplished in my home…in my mind…and for myself than I’ve ever accomplished in a single day.     Intentions that have been in place (for elongated times) for certain accomplishments…are becoming accomplished without a conscious thought.

All moments seem to be an “opportunity” now.    Where I can now see…they have often been a duty to survive best as can be.

Is it possible??    Can I have been in a perpetual cycle of survival…never really feeling free or clear??

I look around at the remaining untouched piles of to-do’s and intentions in my house (and my life)….and I ask “WHY??” have I allowed procrastination to be my greatest friend??     Why have I turned a blind eye to all that could easily CLEAR my space…and my mind??

And truthfully…I can sense that the battles of life have genuinely defeated me at deep levels of being.      I can now sense a part of me that believed “What’s it all for??”.

How SAD is that???     “What’s it all for??”      I would never imagine myself to believe that.     I once jumped freely and excitedly in the pure wonder of LIFE!!!     In all its many expressions….I felt GRATITUDE to be.       I was the “fun factor”….literally.      And now I see that I’ve been going through many motions…without fully and completely encompassing those elevated beliefs.

I have been living in the shadow of what’s “not”.     And that is no longer where I wish to be!!



Today is an opportunity to CREATE my reality.    And every effort is of VALUE and purpose to me!!!

No thought is a waste.    No moment is a waste.     No thing can be a waste for me.

It’s all purposeful.    It’s all pure potential….if I wish it to be!!

SO….now that the Light is touching all that was once hidden and lost…what shall I do with these newly discovered opportunities?!?!?      I shall ponder a bit more…I think.    And then LIVE as the radiant wonder I am meant to be!!

No more hiding the sadness or pain.     If it is part of me….I free it most genuinely!!



Blessings to each of you on your own personal journeys!!

In JOY and Wonder,


Philosophical ME


I’ve been quite silent this week.    My body has been upgrading its circuitry…by means of a full-fledged human cold.     Which also means that i had an opportunity to lovingly disconnect from the routines and requests of LIFE (or what I believed was Life) for just a moment or so.

By stilling myself completely (in order to honor my physical form)…i found myself in an empty space.    There was no need to check emails, update social media, honor my scheduled appointments (apologies were made), or BE anything that the world required of me.    For in truth…i had very little to offer this week.    So…i found myself in what can be called ‘an empty space’.

It was (and is) beautiful!!!    For that empty space becomes a blank slate to build from!!    Because there is no predestined calling (and no physical energy to maneuver with)…IMAGINATION became my vehicle of transportation.    With this gift of physical stillness…my spirit took FLIGHT!!

I meditated often (strengthening the bond I have with my radiant Spirit Guides)…and I opened books that I rarely have time to enjoy.     I was touched and inspired by Plato, Hermés, Ancient Vedic Texts, Rudolf Steiner, and Alice Bailey.     I bounced from book to book searching for the VOICE that would mirror my own.   It took me a long moment to realize that what I was drawn to in each of these authors…was their PHILOSOPHICAL SPIRIT!!    Their ability to search for great TRUTH…while dreaming of the possibilities.

I don’t believe that any philosopher ever denies the possibility of a greater understanding than they currently have.    For i believe that they each are passionate about the QUEST for true Knowledge and Wisdom…and weave that innate drive into all they do.     They also know how to stand strong when conveying their personal interpreted Truth!!     Their voice…and their message…has power because they BELIEVE that it does!!

A true philosopher believes that his INSIGHT is enough to fathom truth from the universe…and its signs.    He believes his insight to be a GIFT…and he honors that gift as unique and special.      He honors the privilege of being a Philosopher…even though no concrete evidence can prove his dissertations.

There is PRIDE in being unique…and revealing a world of possibilities yet unseen.

That is all quite true.    But today…I take all of this knowledge and contemplate on the PHILOSOPHICAL ME!!   

I have always held philosophers in the highest of regard…melting over my first introduction to Socrates back in the 80′s.    For quite a while I wished to see the world from every philosopher’s eyes.    Whether they saw turmoil and disharmony…or evolutionary empowerment and hope…they always SAW their Truth!!    They each looked deeper than appearances allowed…and raised consciousness to IMAGINE itself outside of the structured box.

A true philosopher (whether in agreement with my opinions or not) will always ignite a flame within my soul.    And until just TODAY…I would never have imagined that this natural reaction is because I AM A PHILOSOPHER at heart!! ♥

I don’t believe that it’s a role you step into or don on occasion.    Either your heart beats for the ‘pursuit’ of Truth and Knowledge…or it simply admires it in due time.    I can see now that I AM a philosopher through and through.    And what makes this discovery so important to me….is that it allows me to recognize the importance and POWER of my own voice!!

I wish to feed and nurture that part of me that IMAGINES higher truths and understandings!!   I wish to unveil hidden mysteries…and dis-empower long accepted structure and limitation.     I wish to reach for Sacred Knowledge and re-introduce it into our daily lives!!

On a soul level….these are my prayers and my deepest wishes!!    NOW….I am the one who must honor and accept the PRIVILEGE of sharing the philosophical truths I perceive!!  

And yes.   I know many of you believe that I already do.    But no.    I have much more to share…with many more than we currently see.     It’s time to honor and accept my VOICE as unique!!    It’s time to recognize the potential I hold within…and to TRUST the calling of my divine destiny!!

I have the GIFT of vision and sight ~ of knowing and truth.     It’s TIME to feed that part of my spirit and soul!!!

And although it may sound that I’m speaking to each of you today….I deeply believe that it’s mySELF i’m wishing to convince and awaken.   (((Smile)))

It takes great bravery to believe you are meant to walk a unique path.    But I shall do my best to TRUST this great Truth!!

I AM Special and Unique!!    And so are YOU!!

In JOY and Ever-expanding Wonder,



Merlin ~ The Father of Alchemy

Artwork by Josephine Wall

Artwork by Josephine Wall

Dear Guides and Guardians ~ Who walks with me now??   Who wishes to share a message of Love??

I sense a wise and masterful guide…with sparkling Light gently bouncing through his being.   I hear clearly and beautifully:

MERLIN ~ The Father of Alchemy

Thank YOU Dear Merlin!!   What remembrance do you bring??

To be the cause element!!

All equations ~ solutions ~ formulas ~ and hypotheses have an element that causes all other elements to respond ~ transform ~ and morph upon demand.

BE ~ the element that controls your environment!!  

By sheer BEingness (and natural order)…you shall transform all that surrounds you!!

See yourself as the CATALYST ~ not the reactor!!

For in great truth…you are both things in all moments.   But…to see yourself as the empowered FORCE behind your shifting world of circumstance…allows you to see the profound impact your individual Light has on all life!!

See yourself as VITAL to the adaptable and malleable world you see.    See your thoughts ~ actions ~ and choices as the controlling factor for that which reveals itself….so that you begin understanding how MASTERFUL you are in all moments!!

Never are you without control over your environment ~ experience ~ and reality.   If you see a less-than-desired experience flowing your way…use your innate FORCE OF WILL and choice to shift the approaching energy!!

BE THE ALCHEMIST ~ and shift the Light organically!!

Is hostility or unworthiness flowing to you from another??   Be the motivating element that causes that hostility to MELT and dissipate!!    Meet the shadowed energy with LOVE…and watch it transform!!

For that original elemental force can not elementally remain the same when a new element meets and greets it head on.    A reaction occurs.

And…because (by natural order and decree) YOU are responsible for your own energy…the opposing energies (flowing to you) will always bow down to YOUR chosen mode of being ~ seeing ~ and experiencing!!

If Love is the force you meet all opposing energy with…then LOVE will transform all that approaches.

Be clear in your own knowing of how the universe works.

You are sovereign governor of your own Sacred Space!!

Any element of Light (or shadow) you choose to embrace…shall govern the reaction of opposing energies in that sacred space.

Never ~ are you at the mercy of another’s world view!!    You are Master ~ Designer ~ Creator ~ and Healer of every moment that can be.

Do not conceal the power that you hold!!

Do not pass the torch of responsibility!!


Thank YOU Dear Merlin!!   How do I thank you enough!?!?

Be all that we know you can be!!

We love and honor you…and the force of DIVINE WISDOM you are!!    For quite often that is your motivating element of choice.

The intrinsic call in you to see ~ understand ~ and know the greatest vibrational TRUTH…shall always call to yourself greater learning and awareness!!

That’s beautiful.   To us…that means that your personal paradigms are changing at ever-increasing rates.    So please…when you see yourself…do not only see where you’ve been.    See the great path that now leads you to an ever-expanding perspective of the INFINITE and BRILLIANT YOU!!

You are only confined by that which you BELIEVE to be true!!    So as your view expands….so do YOU!!

Be extraordinary my dear!!   It is the most natural YOU!!

Thank YOU Dear Father!!   I am forever grateful for your presence, your love, and your support!!   Please continue to walk with me…and guide me on my journey of discovery and truth. ♥

Channeled by Alania Starhawk

February 16th, 2014

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