Sweet Truth


There’s a moment that a Lotus recognizes its greater truth.   It recognizes its Beauty and Potential… and it changes nothing!!

Knowledge naturally shifts all within!! ♥

© Alania Starhawk 2015

The Source Within…


I do my best each day to walk with Integrity, Love, and Compassion.    I seek the highest perspective in each experience that may appear…and pray for only Blessings to touch each moment that can be.

I do this all for mySelf alone…so that I may find Peace and know Love in all ways.

Soooooo…you can imagine how frustrated I become when my emotions react to the “Whammies” (outer disruptions and challenges) that sometimes appear.  (((Smile)))

When some sort of difficulty/complication/resistance appears I often flow through a series of natural reactions that can fully take 18 seconds or 18 days for me to work through.   Here they are:

  • I stand in actual amazement that it has appeared.
  • My feathers ruffle a bit as I think “How dare I be treated this way” (even if no other human party is responsible).
  • I remember that I will rise “above” this….and infuse it with Love.
  • I return to a state of Gratitude…remembering that it’s all perfect.

In truth….I thought that I’ve been so brave and wise working through each distraction this way.    I had believed that my ability to infuse Love into a less-than loving experience was helping to shift humanity forward on its path to Peace.

But I feel differently today.

I seem to be a Whammy-magnet these last 10 days….which means that my emotions are shifting from high to low to high-low-high every 14 and a half minutes.    This makes it clear that my old “brave and wise” method for rising above is not so darn “brave and wise” after all.     It’s time to re-evaluate.

And suddenly I see…………….if I’m needing to “rise above” anything…………I’m not trusting in the Infinite LOVE that flows through Me in all moments!!       If I’m still believing in right/wrong, healthy/unhealthy, supportive/unsupportive…..I’m still believing that it is possible to thrive OR survive in this great big beautiful world!!!

If I believe that I can and will “survive” in spite of anything that appears……..then I’m giving POWER to an outside world of unpredictable uncertainties.

And I don’t choose to give my precious Power over to any outside force.


That means that I fully TRUST in the Infinite Flow and Source I hold within!!    The world may spiral and unfold as it chooses for itself…………….but MY world is an ever-flowing expansion of possibility!!     I no longer require a barage of outer Whammies to remind me that my TRUE SOURCE of Love, Security, and Peace lies within!!     I am always and forever-more WHOLE within mySelf!!

And so are you!!!! ♥

What I’m looking to shift and heal….is the belief that ANY experience can be less-than loving or supportive for me.    It’s all just experience.    Only my interpretation can look at it as less-than Divine!!!

No matter that which appears…….I AM LOVED and I AM LOVE!!

In JOY and Ever-expanding Wonder,


What Love Is ♥


Love does not conform or mold to fit any pre-conceived beliefs that can be.   It doesn’t Love “in spite of”…and it doesn’t make allowances or set unjust expectations.    It simply is…genuine and pure.     It is the Spark of God-Light manifest.   It is the Gift of LIFE in sweet motion.   It is the Wonder of BLISS embodied!!

Forever-flowing and expanding into all that is and can be……………….LOVE is the way!!

As we allow ourSelves to become the Vessel, the Channel, and the Beacon of LOVE upon this earth…………we become the SACRED ONES who welcome Heaven to Earth!!   Are you ready to bring change….and to inspire PEACE on this earth plane??

Allow yourSelf to Love beyond measure, to BE Loved without fear, to TEACH Love without judgment, and to SEE Love leading the way!!    For every Seed of LOVE we plant today……..shall continue to flow and grow in incomprehensible form. ♥

© Alania Starhawk 2015

A Channeled Message of “Divine Perfection”


Dear Spirit….How do those who are striving to live from a heart-space lovingly co-create with and communicate with someone who is driven by the structure of this physical world??

I hold truth in my heart that can not be validated in the physical…and therefore can not be understood by someone who seeks validation in the physical.   I hold no judgment…just awareness that we speak different languages.

How can I stand in my beautiful truth…without being deflated and demotivated by their beautiful truth??

I would appreciate any clarity.

Sweet one…your disappointment comes from believing that others must approve of or align with your individual truth in some way.

You could not be deflated….if you were not seeking validation of or companionship in your unique stance.    

Begin to see each person as a unique work of art….or a sacred blossom of divine perfection.    All that creates their present reflection is absolutely perfect for them and their journey!!  There is not greater insight or understanding that would improve their beingness.

If we can trust that another is not lacking in any way….then we wouldn’t feel that they “should” be more supportive of our unique view and stance.

Learning to honor each soul’s unique expression…without judging it, labeling it, or validating it…..is the key to stepping into full acceptance of Divinity upon this earth.

Seeing ourselves as Divine is not about seeing ourselves as greater than human.    It’s about accepting ourselves as “perfect”…even in our multi-faceted ever-transforming humanity!!!

By learning to see perfection in each soul….you would no longer see a separation or contrast between “heart-centered” and “physically-driven”.   All would be in perfect harmony with each soul’s journey!!

If you feel that others are challenging your truth….it’s because you are the one challenging it at some point within. ♥

© Alania Starhawk 2015

“A Figment of Speech”


Are words our only form of communicating with truth and integrity??    Or………..are we finally at that space of conscious evolution where we can recognize that our unique spirits are perpetually communicating at valid points of Truth with or without using a single word!?!?

We have given too much erroneous power to the physical “words” we employ in our chosen human language.

In some moments we use words to hide behind…so that our deeper truths will not be “seen”.     We believe that if we say “I am fine” or “I am kind” or “I love you”…………it must be true.   Right???

And in some moments we undervalue the use of particular words that are subconsciously giving voice to our deeper core beliefs.    Simple expressions like “It’s killing me”, “I don’t wanna do this” and “I don’t have enough”……………..ARE mirroring the deeper truth we actually hold within!!!!

Words are just words!!    They can easily be a figment of deep expression…..or a portal to inner truth.    It’s up to us….and our keen sense of intuition to discern which it may be in each moment.    But………..expanding our Awareness to recognize that words can have a deeper hidden message in them….will allow us to stand in greater authenticity (as an individual and as a society).

I am blindingly aware of the Power my words have had this week!!    I have tripped into more than one frustrating experience….only to instantly Hear and Know (on a psychic level) ….”Your thoughts and words created this!!”.     In each moment that I was about to place blame outward……..I realized that MY thoughts (silently expressed and thoughtlessly expressed) all created this moment!!

If I am telling Spirit that I wish to live AUTHENTICALLY in all moments……………that means that “I” take responsibility for all of my thoughts, belief systems, and choices in all moments!!     For me…..it is no longer acceptable to flippantly say “I don’t wanna” and believe that I don’t have a choice in the matter.

If I’m carelessly whining the words “I don’t wanna” at any moment in time………..I’m actually telling the universe “create resistance by placing a block in my way”!!     The universe is taking DIRECTION from me!!!     If I say “they don’t see my value” or “there’s not enough time”………..I’m welcoming the particular experience that validates that belief!!

In order for any words to be more than “a figment of speech”………..we need to say what we mean and mean what we say!!

Any less than is only a shadowed expression of our True and Authentic Self!!

So…..my dear and beautiful friends…….be Aware.     Are your words holding Power today??   Or…are they mere words??

Say what you mean and mean what you say!!    That’s my advice for you (and for me). ♥

In Gratitude and JOY,


Whispering A World Into BEing

universe5Can you sense that your Soul’s Call is powerful enough to awaken the cosmos in all of its infinite nature??

When the Spirit that lies within your being truly Knows what it wants……..that passionate Knowing carries out a voiceless call to all universal energies who wish to support you on your journey.

Just your power-filled Knowing is enough to gently WHISPER a world into BEing!!

With barely a conscious word spoken….you are creating the reality that supports You and your unique beliefs.

Can you believe and trust in that truth??

If so…..it naturally reminds us that any sense of discord, lack, struggle, or dis-ease we know in our physical world is a reflection of the insecurities we hold within.

If you wish to shift your physical reality….focus your energy on reMembering:

  • How loved you are
  • How beautiful you are
  • How safe you are
  • How empowered you are
  • How wise you are
  • How creative you are
  • How blessed you are
  • How healthy you are

And so……each of these precious, heart-centered thoughts will naturally WHISPER a world into BEing!! ♥

To choose Love authentically…..is enough!!

All that lies in opposition will heal itself, fall away, or transform most naturally.    You’re only job is to B E L I E V E !!!

Let your heart BE the prayer that puts all in motion.

In Joy and Ever-expansive Wonder,