Life Happens!!


Life and all of its many unexpected twists, turns, surprises and nuances….will continue to flow into and through your life daily…regardless of how at-Peace and centered you become in your own sense of Self.

The centeredness does not come because all of Life suddenly aligns in absolute harmony with all that aligns with your particular vision of ‘perfection’.    The centeredness comes because you only align with and identify with the energies and vibrations that currently represent you!!!

Think about this.    Our televisions, computers and satellite radios are overflowing with countless variations of stimulation to captivate our attention!!    We are the only one who chooses which channel or webpage to interact with!!!    Just because another soul honors and celebrates the recounts of our Civil War in minute and explicit detail…..does not mean that I must choose to trudge through that experience for myself.

Life works the same way.    Any single day can be filled with opportunities to know comedy, beauty, and challenge in infinite array.  Only we can discern which particular experiences are worthy of captivating our attention….and only we can discern how we react to each of them.    

Life is an ever-flowing river of possibility!!    If we seek to control that river into servitude and compliance…..we shall find ourselves exhausted and overwhelmed before long.    However…if we become the observer of Life in its natural state of ever-flowing potential…then we are gifted the opportunity to consciously participate with only the expressions, perceptions and experiences we choose!!

Keys will mysteriously misplace themselves, poodles shall become muddy, relationships will shift and evolve, celebrations will be rained upon, happy routines shall require re-evaluation, and our favorite anything will one day lose its luster and glow.   But if we observe all as an expression of Life………..and not an attack upon our ‘perfect’ world……….we suddenly detach from the need to only know ‘perfection’ each day.   

Suddenly the surprises become comical, the challenges become purposeful, and the beauty becomes treasured!!! ♥

Life Happens!!    How will you observe it or embrace it today??

In Joy and Sweet Gratitude,


Calling Our Blessings Into BEing


When you look at yourself…are you seeing your own greatest potential??

Are you even trying to??

I encourage each of you to define your own experience each magically wondrous day!!   I encourage you to Honor, Claim, and Ordain every extraordinary BLESSING that flows to you endlessly!!

For if today is an OPEN gateway of possibility……….let us welcome only that which is Love, Joy, Inspiration and Prosperity to accompany us through the threshold of yet-to-be defined primal and infinite possibility!!

Let’s be the directors of our own experience….and CALL our greatest potential outcome into Being!!

Only we can be the ones responsible for shaping and creating our own destiny!!

Stand tall bright ones!!

Remember who you are!!

And so it is. ♥

© Alania Starhawk 2015

“Run Into Life My Dear!!”


As I sat here in blissful Gratitude just a few moments ago…I sensed my Spirit Guides and Guardians gathering near.   So I gently requested for a Message of Love to be shared. I asked that I may see mySelf more clearly on this ever-spiraling journey.

They giggled at first (as they so often do)…and then collectively echoed “Run Into Life My Dear!!”

There it was!!   A reminder to embrace life passionately…..and live life unabashedly!!!

When did I ever stop exploring possibilities with abandon??   When did my spirit begin tip-toeing more cautiously??

Hmmmm….so much to contemplate.    But….for today let me clearly state:





And so it is. ♥

In Joy and Ever-expansive Gratitude,




The Answer Is “Love”


it’s been three or four days now that my left knee is greatly swollen.   No trauma initiated the swelling.   I just woke up to discover the pain and discomfort.

I did not give too much attention to the swelling.   I trusted that it was energy moving through and releasing itself….so I silently repeated “I release all that no longer serves me!!” whenever I thought of the discomfort.

Last night (before heading into dream state) I asked to see the core issue clearly so that I could fully step forward freely!!!!

My dreams were filled with emotional trauma!!!   Trauma that evoked Anger in me that seethed through me!!!   My body was tense and my desire to express myself was explosive.    I was frozen in that state of irrevocable Anger and Pain throughout the night (no matter how the dreams changed).

In the dreams….I moved on with “life”……but jumped at the opportunity to re-anchor to that past pain whenever the current energies allowed me to do so.

The moment of emotional trauma had come and gone…………but “I” was keeping it alive in my energy field!!!!  

I finally awoke to our current reality because the Anger had built to such a crescendo……that I popped the dream state focus.     With the return of my conscious awareness I certainly knew that I did NOT wish to carry this  anger and pain forward with me!!!!!’

So I sat silently in bed….considering all of the ways I could ultimately release this emotional trauma completely.   I considered welcoming Forgiveness, embracing Non-judgment, and accepting Divine Right Order.    But I didn’t feel PEACE flow through me til I felt L O V E touch every element of the experience!!!!!

The moment I felt Love flow through the entire “traumatic” memory………….I felt only Kindness and Compassion for myself and for those triggering these patterns of Pain and Hurt in my life.

When LOVE fills an experience………all alternate questions and perceptions dissipate!!

There can actually Be no concept of “pain” when you know only Love!!!

No matter the question……the answer is always Love!!! ♥

I trust that my knee will now be healed, energized, and rebalanced once again!!!

Thank You Spirit!!!!   I am fully Blessed!!!!

In Joy and Deep Gratitude,


“Pain” Is An Illusion

Do not carry Pain like a badge of Victory!!   The “Pain” is not real.

If you feel that you’ve endured…then you are still a victim of something that you believe to be beyond your control.

However….if you believe that you have experienced in Perfect Divine Love…all that was for your best and highest good……………then you have nothing to prove!!    There is no karma to balance.   There is nothing to heal!!

You are perfect as you are…… this and all moments!! ♥

Feeling less than Love in our life is painful.   It’s the discomfort we know when our Soul believes that we need to Be more, Have more, or Experience more.

“Pain” is no more than allowing ourSELVES to feel “less than” in any moment.

But that is the illusion!!

If we always feel “less than”……we will never fully embrace Love!!!

We already are fully embodied Love!!   It flows through us most naturally!!

Believe that you are part of that infinite Truth….and “pain” will no longer be!!   Only Forgiveness and Compassion will fill your Heart!!

You are Love!!! ♥

© Alania Starhawk 2012

A Wish Upon A Star


Is this the way our wise ancestors kept us dreaming of greater possibilities and potential??   Was this playful pastime a way to subconsciously remind us that our Inner most prayers have value and are listened to by the higher realms??

We now benefit from free speech, open dialogue, personal choices, and boundless self-exploration.   But it was not always so.  For too long the masses were denied these basic privileges.

Countless generations were told where they should stand…for how long…and in what position.     They could only dream of a reality that offered free-will choice!!

So……was this “wish upon a star” concept devised to keep the spark of care-free dreaming alive?!?!

And if so………how can we justly take this inspiration and Breathe Life into its teaching today??

With the Awareness and Knowing we now have (of an infinite and prosperous world)…………what do we dare to dream of??

We have evolved in great immeasurable strides….and still we dare not dream larger than we can rationalize and see!!

Are you still holding yourself back….linked to the limited beliefs that once were??   Or…..are you ready to welcome limitless potential into your being!?!?

Hold back no more my dear friends!!

This IS the time we’ve been waiting for!!

In Joy and Ever-flowing Love,


On The Dawn Of This New Day…


On the dawn of this new day that has been reverently awaited….”We” as a race are accelerating our United Energy by shifting our Awareness into our HEARTspace!!!

We…together…are learning to Trust our innerSUN.    That radiant heartGlow and that universal heartBeat are all an integral part of our divineDESTINY!!

No longer are we limited by the physical boundaries we once perceived.   This is the time where our own HOPES and DREAMS will lay a new foundation for all that soon will Be.

It is now the pure LIGHT of our own precious Hearts that will help us align with this new vision of LOVE!!

Be not deterred by all that “appears” to be.   The tides are swiftly turning…and the new path is Love!!

See this new future that you now embrace.   See the beauty and potential in the DAWN of this new day.

For as ALL new days begin with only a hint of the Light that will shine at midday….so our hearts will hold Hope for all that will BE our New Destiny!!

We are Free!!   We are Sovereign!!   We are RADIANT DIVINE LIGHT!! ♥

We are LOVE Divinely Manifest in humanEcstacy.

© Alania Starhawk 2012