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It’s undeniable.   I haven’t been my uber-uplifting self these last few days (ummm…even weeks).   I’ve been striving to be…and there were incredible moments where I absolutely embodied bliss and joy.   But…if I’m being honest…I’ll admit that I’ve spent a lot of time withdrawing from the confusion and chaos of ‘society’.

I definitely had great reasons for every act of withdrawal.   But I can now see that those individual acts of withdrawal have created a pattern of seclusion.   If I pinpoint when this internal struggle began…I’ll notice that my silent discomfort actually began when I returned home from my magical journey to Sedona exactly one month ago.

I was able to easily redirect my attention away from any frustrating energy at first.   Afterall…if I teach about balanced energy and empowerment….I’d better darn well hold myself accountable to those same standards!!     But in the last week or so…the insanity that I am witness to (from an egoic viewpoint)…is increasingly more prevalent.

Seriously???   If my prayers are for PEACE….what’s this all about??

I placed quite a bit of powerful prayer in motion yesterday.   It’s time for me to see clearly!!   And with several different insights throughout the night…I did.

With my first insight…I remembered that we are in November.   Don’t laugh.   I know that it’s just a calendar month for many…and I am finally at the place where I see it as just a calendar month too.  Yayyyyyy!!!   But…….I must be honest and clear once again.

Many years ago….my sense of security and stability was unexpectedly ‘taken from me’ in November.    And although I have worked incredibly hard on balancing the physical experience in my heart and mind.    My body still holds the recorded energies of ‘loss, betrayal, and sadness’ at this time of year.    I forgot about that.

It won’t do so forever.   My body is telling me that there is more to heal and release….lovingly.    I can absolutely understand that….and welcome opportunities for that healing to take place.

But my evening went on.   And the second insight reminded me of the many past life visions I’ve had of myself as a LightBEing upon this earth…from time far before recorded time.    In those particular experiences…I was here on this earth…with full remembrance of the LIGHT that flows through all BEingness.    I held pure awareness…and was here to solely guide and inspire humanity through their evolutionary journey.

It was easy for me to BE that Light for thousands of years.   But a time came when I began to align with the belief that ‘earthly life’ brings struggle and pain.   It’s the moment that my own consciousness began to fall into the shadowed spaces of BEingness.

I’ve been working hard to reprogram the belief that ‘earthly life’ is any less than inherently divine.   Which brings me to the third insight.

In Sedona….I felt at ONE with Universal Source.   My spirit was dancing with the JOY of eternal Light and Knowing.   I was truly expanded…while in my physical form.   That’s incredible!!

And yet……when I returned home….to the life that I truly LOVE…..it became a bit pale in comparison.    That’s illusion.   That’s all an egoic interpretation.   But….now I have clarity!!   Now I can work on reprogramming those beliefs.

Ok.   Let’s connect the dots.   My fourth insight is what brought the deepest “Aha!!”.

Just a few moments ago…………………..I realized that it’s ALL ONE core belief that continues to replay itself in my physical reality!!

As long as I believe that this LIFE EXPERIENCE can inherently hold any less than absolute safety and support…..my body will continue to align with these ‘chaotic frequencies’ every now and then.

The surface people, places, and things aren’t the creators of this experience!!   I AM!!!

In all moments…………..I attract the experiences that align with my beliefs!!!   I am the one who chooses to align with illusion and confusion.   I am the one who finds comfort in the anonymity (every now and then).

But……………….I asked for REMEMBRANCE in my prayers (and blog post) yesterday.   So….clarity and truth has revealed itself!!!   I AM BLESSED……and can be no less!!!   Only perception can imply that it is so.


THANK YOU!!!!! ♥

© Alania Starhawk 2015

“Remind Me Of Who I Am!!”


I’m very aware of how easy it can be to become entwined in the rush of this physical reality.    So many people, places, and things calling our name.   It’s very easy to believe that there is where we should be.

But….when all slows down for a moment…and only your voice can be heard….are you sometimes surprised by the rigmarole that’s in motion??

The energy flowing through you right now is precious!!   And only YOU have the privilege of deciding where that energy and Light will be directed.    Isn’t it time to direct it towards people, places, and things that really truly INSPIRE you!?!?

Dear Spirit…..I wish to AWAKEN MY SOUL to the Beauty, Love, and Power that can be!!    Lift my awareness to the highest of pure heights……and INSPIRE ME!!     Let me remember that each breath is an opportunity to BE…passionately and bravely!!

Dear Spirit……REMIND ME OF WHO I AM!! ♥

© Alania Starhawk 2015

Human Journeys…and Separation


I know that “saying good-bye” is a human concept.  It appears superfluous and silly from the higher realms of being.  And yet…it is sometimes an important part of our personal journey.  How can I tell myself that I am worthy of only respect and heart-centered kindness…unless I bravely “say good-bye” to those who are able to treat me with anything less.

On our human journeys….we evolve!!  All of us.  And sometimes that evolution of spirit brings greater fundamental separation between ourselves and those we love.  To deny that separation only brings greater discomfort and pain.

So….for myself………to the beautiful soul who is evolving in their own perfect and purposeful way…”I love you!! May you know every bright blessing!!” ♥

© Alania Starhawk 2015

Loving Those In Shadowed Spaces


In this often complicated world…it’s important to recognize that many radiant souls have a difficult time trusting the Light that flows through their own spirit!!   Nothing can negate or diminish that true force of Divine Presence…ever.   But each soul has the right to trust their own Light for guidance and direction…or to trust the shadowed forces of manipulation and control that may be.

If we genuinely honor and trust that Light is a valid and true force of Power….we must also acknowledge that there is always an opposing reflection of that Power.    For our purposes…let’s look at that opposing force as ‘Shadowed Energy’ today.   Shadowed Energy is fed and nurtured by fear, greed, desperation, loneliness, pain, and perceptions of loss and lack.

Many of us can admit that we align with each of these shadows just a bit in our world.   And that’s healthy.   It keeps us balanced…by giving contrast to the heart-centered choices we work hard to embrace.

But…..I believe that AWARENESS is key in this great big beautiful world.   So it’s also important to recognize that some of the people who we love dearly…are not able to find a healthy balance between the two forces of Power.    Some give unseen permission and authority to those Shadowed Energies on a daily basis.

That does not mean that the Light does not exist within.   It means that they are personally aligning with the Shadowed Energies right now.    They are viewing the world…and their personal experiences…through the eyes of fear, greed, desperation, loneliness, pain, and perceptions of loss and lack.   It’s comforting for them in this moment…and is naturally creating experiences that support that alignment.  They have given control over to the dark-side for a moment (no judgement intended).   

Their choices hold no ‘right or wrong’ connotations!!   It is a factual summation of where they are currently at.

So…..what does that mean for the people who love them so dearly??   How can they maintain a healthy relationship with someone who isn’t comfortable in the frequency of love, respect, trust, and faithfulness??

I had a dream last night.   In this dream I was able to witness all that was taking place from a place of Awareness…not emotional reaction.    I had a family member come to visit.   I could see that this is the person I love and care for…but I also knew that they had made choices that aligned with the dark forces of Shadowed Energy.   In the twinkle of his eye I could see the spark that I knew I loved.   So I focused on the Light that I knew was there.    In several scenarios…his dark side literally began to show through glowing red eyes or horns slowly beginning to rise up all over his body.  He didn’t consciously trigger the dark transformation!!   It was beyond his control in that exact moment.

In each scenario a physical guardian would mysteriously show itself the moment the shadow overtook my loved one.   The guardian would silently walk between us…with glowing eyes of White Light…and all who had given control to the shadows would instantly depart and leave.

As I watched those I care for walk away the last time….I realized that I can’t deny the Shadowed Force that some choose to align with.    I can LOVE them through all of it!!!   But….loving them does not mean that I am willing to support their decisions to be governed and at home in Shadowed Energies.

If they choose that path…they would have to walk alone…until they are ready to begin exploring the LIGHT that lives within them as well.    Only THEY can make the choice that is right for them. ♥

I’m sharing this dream teaching with you now because I believe that many of us hold on desperately to the beauty we know is there….somewhere!!   We sometimes surrender our own comfort to support the ‘people’ we love!!   But…..if we stand with awareness…we may recognize that they personally choose the pain and struggle right now.

If we let go of judgement……..we can see that they’re welcoming the pain and the struggle that they know.

They won’t fight for more….until THEY are done with that experience.   So….tell them that you LOVE them always.   But…make it clear that you choose Light, Love, Joy and Faith!!!    YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO CHOOSE WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU AS WELL!!!!!!! ♥

My heart reaches to every bright one lost in shadow.   With power I remind them that THEY ARE LOVED!!!!!

It’s never our responsibility to ‘save’ them.   All we can do is LOVE them!!

In Faith and Ever-flowing Light,


A World Without “Words”


In meditation last night…Spirit encouraged me to envision a world without “words”.   I began to see each soul conveying greater truth through eye contact and compassionate touch.   I began to see a world birthing their experience through Love.  Be aware!!   Are we allowing “words” to create distance between us….or are we using them wisely??   Because “words” are an expression of Truth…..they hold great POWER.   Always!!

© Alania Starhawk 2015

The Beauty of An Unmarked Path


We had just arrived in Sedona, AZ the evening before…and this was our first vortex visit and hiking expedition.   We drove up to the Airport Mesa Vortex site….but the parking area was full.   So we continued on to the top of the mountain.   At the top…there was a beautiful overlook.   But it was filled with people…and it wasn’t near ‘sacred’ enough to quell the adrenaline that was pumping through my system.

So we spotted a seemingly unimposing trailhead post in the corner….and thought “we’re not getting back in that car without setting foot on a trail!!”

We held no expectations of what would be.   In our logical mind…it was an unmarked path…and we were exploring.

Most naturally….we became entranced with each red rock, each curve of the trail, and each twist of the Juniper.    The scenes were breathtaking as we leisurely strolled down the mountain’s edge.   We were in absolute heaven…..and we had no idea whether this would end just ahead or go on for a day and a half (a little exaggeration).

Somehow we had stepped into the magic of just BEing!!!    

Our awareness was fully engaged with each step and breath.   And this allowed me to be sensitive enough to the shift of energies that appeared.

As a streak of energy moved to my right….I switched perceptions to see (with my third eye) a strong beautiful Native American Guardian step into the path directly in front of us.    

He paused with reverence and asked if we were ready to receive that which was about to be shared.    With agreement from our hearts and spirits….he explained that it’s a dimensional shift in awareness that will allow us to connect to all that awaits.

He then asked me to place my hand out to receive…and in poured the most radiant, power-packed force of golden Light!!    He explained that this would assist us in assimilating to the frequencies on a physical level.   We had both been called to this sacred energy for great purpose!!

Our bodies shivered with this sacred gift….and he moved back to the side in order to allow us passage.   The next step forward felt as though we had pierced a veil of energy and Light!!!   We have been granted access to the purest frequencies and Light that could be!!

How absolutely amazing!!!!!! ♥

I have much to share about all that happened next.   But……..really……….as I find myself back in structured society……my heart dreams of finding another unmarked path!!!

What IF we didn’t need to know where every single path, day, relationship, and experience led??   What IF we were a bit more adventurous…..and allowed for the UNEXPECTED to reveal itself!!    Would we feel more present, involved, and enthusiastic about our unique journeys??

So often we seek the comfort of what comes next.   But then…………..we hold the vision of what comes next in our focus…and miss out on all the magical beauty surrounding us here and now.     

If we don’t know exactly where we’re headed to…..chances are that we’ll be more interactive along the trail!!!   We’re not saving up all of our attention for that end goal.

Well….at least that’s how it worked for me!!

I wish you each a lifetime of joyful discovery!!!

Journey as if Life IS the destination!!! ♥

In Sweet Bliss and Gratitude,