A Blissfully Safe and Secure Universe


Do those simple words speak to the depths of your being today??

Can you imagine living in and creating in a blissfully SAFE and SECURE UNIVERSE each and every day??

Please…………….take a moment to truly sense what it would mean to accept only Blessings, Love, Joy, and Healing into your own sweet microcosm of BEing!!

For that is the TRUTH that surrounds us now!!    

Any other belief is only a perception of reality!!

When this great big UNIVERSE was created by God, Source, and our own precious Hearts……..no pitfalls, obstacle courses, or booby traps were placed into the design!!      It was birthed out of LIGHT….out of LOVE….and out of WONDER!!

The less-than loving consequences and potentialities that we imagine and foresee are MAN-created!!    They were all birthed from a state of forgetful fear and separation.    They only hold validity in our personal worlds…….if we give them power.

Yet…………….. I do understand that those less-than loving ways of Being, Seeing, and Believing have been an intricate part of our experience for a much greater length of time than we can remember.     And……. those less-than loving ways of Being, Seeing, and Believing are fostered each and every day through the news, the entertainment we choose, and the recycled tales of survival that we tell ourselves.

Are you ready to begin DIS-empowering all fear-based perceptions…………and accepting that LOVE flows to you (right now) in INFINITE MEASURE!?!?

This IS A Blissfully SAFE and SECURE Universe That We Live In ♥

Repeat that to yourself over and over (if you must)….til we begin LOOKING FOR the support, the guidance, the love, and the intrinsic protection in each and every moment!!!

Look for the WONDER today!!

Look for the BLESSINGS today!!

Look for the BLISSFUL and Intoxicating JOY today!!

…and so it most magnificently is!!

In Gratitude and Acceptance,


The Grand Design

At several memorable moments through out my life…I could stand in that single moment of BEing…recognizing that all I celebrated in that particular moment was only a feint wish just a short time ago.   At no point previously did i imagine the grandness that would appear.   But…appear it DID in perfect divine time!!

Now my days are filled with intentions and prayers to seed my future.    But i am guided to recall the younger me that had no comprehension of what a “seed” could be.   And YET…without those “seeds” the miracles still appeared…bringing me my every wish come true before I even knew that it was a possibility.
So…this morning I ponder on the GRAND DESIGN!!!    Is each step pre-ordained to bring me here and there??    Is all TRULY as it is meant to be without error and complexity???

I know the answers to these questions even as I speak!!   I’ve felt their truth flow through me…bringing me PEACE and SERENITY!!!    But then…I witness the tragedy that some must face and endure.     To find CLARITY in the cloud of confusion…is not always easy to do.

So I stand today in humble awareness…saying “SHOW ME THE GRAND DESIGN!!!”

Is ALL really exactly as it is meant to be??

Oh dear one…you are searching for answers that take eaons to comprehend.    Layers and layers of purposeful experience can be held in a SINGLE moment!!!    For each thought and action is a WAVE of its own….reaching those who would be blessed at levels known and unknown.    Its the teaching of the “Butterfly Effect” that you may have learned about.

We ARE all intertwined…in our ETERNAL experience!!    What you can see from where you stand…is but a glimpse of what IS right now!!!    What you may perceive as a tragedy…can be the moment another finds FREEDOM and STRENGTH!!    Whether it IS in the way you’d like it to take place…is beyond your hopeful and loving concern.    Do not take those experiences from those who most need them.    IT IS ALL MEANT TO BE…for reasons seen and unseen!!

What YOU can do as you witness their journeys…is to BE the reminder of HOPE and LOVE!!    In all moments radiate that LIGHT you hold withIN…and it will affect all that is open to receive!!     YOU ARE A CHANNEL FOR LIGHT MY DEAR….seen and unseen!!    Continue to BE all that you can most beautifully be!!

Free yourself and your desires from what others may need….and direct your loving energy to your OWN blossoming reality!!    What IS it that you wish to see in your own radiant world??    What do you wish to FEEL each day as you walk forward in Bliss~ful Serenity??

For what you perceive as the GRAND DESIGN is only a small fraction of what truly IS!!!    So YES…you are BLESSED and PROTECTED always and forever more!!   The miracles will continue to flow…and bring you all you most wish to see!!

But beware my dear….in the innocence that you once held…there was no fear of the GRANDEUR that could come.    So there was no resistance to the gifts that flowed.    NOW…your humility can keep you standing still in the glow of the grandeur that CAN BE!!

Before …the grandeur just appeared.   In your innocence…there was no resistance.   NOW you see the great expanse of it all….and your human sense of insignificance can hold it all at bay.

Now can you SEE the GRAND DESIGN from a greater all-encompassing perspective??

This grandeur NOW awaits you…watching for the call…from your own beautiful SOUL to be ready for it ALL!!!!     Although there is a plan in place….you are the MASTER of all you see!!

But…we must also say that to be “there” instead of “here” is no better for your unique journey!!!   IF you are HERE….it IS as it is meant to BE!!   When its time to shift…you’ll know…and your energy will flow forward…calling back to itself ALLLLLLLLLL YOU MOST WISH TO SEE!!

So BE yourself…in innocent PEACE!!!   And watch the miracles FLOW…as it is truly meant to flow!!    WE LOVE YOU DEAR ONE!!

And YES!!   We speak to many with this message!!   To ALL of our children we love so dear!!  It is YOU we speak to now!!   It is YOU we walk with now!!   It is YOU we honor and love so dear!!


Thank You Dear Spirit for trusting me completely!!   Thank you for bringing such wise thoughts and understandings through!!    I AM forever grateful and inspired in your LIGHT!!

In Joy and Bliss~ful WONDER,


Author’s Sidenote As Found Online:

What is the Butterfly Effect??   http://www.wisegeek.org/what-is-the-butterfly-effect.htm

The butterfly effect is a term used to describe how small changes to a seemingly unrelated thing or condition (also known as an initial condition) can affect large, complex systems. The term comes from the suggestion that the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in South America could affect the weather in Texas, meaning that the tiniest influence on one part of a system can have a huge effect on another part. Taken more broadly, the butterflyeffect is a way of describing how, unless all factors can be accounted for, large systems like the weather remain impossible to predict with total accuracy because there are too many unknown variables to track.

All Universal LIFE Births Itself Through You

Dear Spirit…………Thank YOU for your Light, your Support, your Inspiration, and your Love!!     Please share an inspiring message with each of us now.

There is a spark aflame tonight.     An ancient spark of Light and of Love.     It holds the Truth of all Life…and the Key to all Mysteries.    It is Pure and Divine in this perfect and precious moment………and can be no less (no matter the experience).

This spark is the giver of LIFE…..and the creator of all Wonder.     It is Consciousness manifest………and God-Light actualized.

It is Timeless and Eternal.     It is Pristine.    It is YOU!!! ♥

This body you so often give credence to…..is a vehicle of support for the human experience.     It allows you to sense Love, Life, and Self in a whole spectrum of uniquely manifest ways.     But……………….it is not fully representative of the LIGHT that is you!!

This spark of Pure Light (that we speak of tonight) is only a single dancing aspect of the INFINITE and Ever-flowing ALL!!!

This spark……although seemingly separate from the greater all-encompassing whole…………is no less complete!!!      It’s essence is not broken away from the great FLAME of Life and Love………………………it is BIRTHED from that great Source of BEing!!!

It carries within it’s entity every Wise, Sacred, Powerful, and Awe-Inspiring energy that can be!!

And…………………..just because we cal it a Spark for a moment or two………….does not mean that it can not instantly fan itself into a FLAME of Wondrous Creation………full and complete!!

BELIEVE in the L I G H T that you are………………without limitations and bounds!!

Begin seeing yourSELF as Infinite in Beauty, Imagination, and Measure!!

TRUST in the Perfection that is Authentically Y O U ♥

…and then watch your physical world transform!!


In  JOY and Ever-expansive BEingness,


Clear Vision


It’s quite common for my physical sight to become a bit blurred each time I breathe deeply and open my heart to SEE from the higher realms!!

I actually love to see how quickly my body is affected by that single heart-centered breath.      In that breath….my awareness SHIFTS from this 3D world of form and reason to an infinite realm of light and sensation.     And I do admit that I am sometimes partial to that infinite world of wonder.

But……over the years….as I am more at home in that higher realm of SEEing…….my physical vision is more and more altered.    I would naturally assume that age is the cause…….except that I see clear and distinct differences when I’ve clearly been journeying through the higher realms.

My physical eyesight is not consistent and it is not always a challenge.

I braved an eye doctor appointment yesterday.    My intent was to receive support for my eyes when they offer less than crystal clear vision.      And…..since my morning was filled with powerful healing sessions (and much time in the higher realms of light)….my physical vision was definitely less than crystal clear.     So….I spontaneously called the eye doctor and opened mySelf to her interpretation of what is.

Those words are so important.    “Her interpretation” of what is………..is so different than mine.     I wished for gentle support…and glasses that would assist me in these altered moments.    She wished to permanently diagnose my eyes while clearly stating that it’s “impossible for eyes to improve”……and then blame the altering vision on Diabetes.     She believes that Diabetes is the only reason eyesight can shift.

I asked if she has read all of the research about healing your eyes naturally…and supporting them through exercises.     She specifically said “that is really a holistic point of view…not a medical one”.     She said the word “holistic” as if it were a dirty word.     And in truth….I might have heard “medical” as a dirty one too.  (((Smile)))

I was quite upset by it all.    I felt as though I had allowed some one to surface judge my experience without knowing or understanding me.     There was no way I was accepting her points of view.     So……….I cuddled up in bed as soon as I arrived home….and prayed that tomorrow would bring clarity.

It was about 2am that I awoke and felt only love!!     So I asked………”Please help me to see clearly”.     Here’s the response I received from Spirit:

“You know that you see the world differently dear one.    So do not be surprised when another does not see as you do.”

And suddenly I realized………………….I went in for physical support.     I asked for glasses to assist me……..and I received a prescription.     The rest that was shared was her true belief and vision.     No matter how kind she is….she can not clearly see from my point of view.     She can not comprehend that my world of infinite wonder exists.     She can not imagine the journeys I undertake without taking a physical step.

My disappointment arose because another couldn’t see me and my authenticity………..but perhaps I was also the one that couldn’t see her and her authenticity too.      For her journey……….those diagnostic beliefs are purposeful.    For me….they are limiting.    There is no right and wrong…only what is right and wrong for us.

So….here’s to CLEAR VISION and all that can possibly convey!!

In Gratitude and Ever-flowing Appreciation,


Seeing Deeper Into My “Fear” of Heights


Is it the Height or is it the Depth that makes my heart shiver and shake??

It’s no secret to all who know me that I turn into a bundle of tightly wound nerves the moment I sense unsteady ground beneath me….and a potential fall looming near.     It’s all quite irrational…and the body can easily begin tensing up on something as small as a 2ft tall step ladder.

I’ve chalked it all up to a “fear of heights” over the years…and didn’t analyze it very much.     But recently I’ve been working hard to break through the irrational reaction to heights in all ways.    I refuse to miss out on LIFE because of an irrational incomprehensible reaction to heights.

I’ve discovered more than one past life that found me plummeting to my death from one sheer cliff wall or another.    And with each discovery…..my fear seemed to neutralize itself a bit more.     I’m now able to cautiously walk up to an edge of a cliff or balcony if I trust that the fencing is strong.   And I’ve just braved my first upside down roller coaster a month or two ago.

I’m trying hard to rationalize and neutralize all inner thoughts of insecurity and fear.

And yet….on this recent trip into the mountains of North Georgia last week…I found myself triggered deeply once again.

My son wished to journey down a solid and well-designed stairway to the bottom of Tallulah Gorge….and although I was peace-filled, cool, and motivated before I took my first step…..I was a bundle of nerves by the 3rd step.    My hands were clenching the two railings….my knees were tightly moving forward…desperately needing to feel the security of the next step.

I breathed deeply and did a little mind-yoga….but I only made it down about 20 steps before I realized that I would never make it the whole way.    I paused for a long moment….and my son lovingly said “It’s ok Mom.   You don’t have to do it.”.

One of these days I’ll be able to RUN down those stairs.   But i’m not there yet.

It’s been a week now…and I haven’t thought about it again til this morning.    Last night all of my dreams had me looking DOWN into a great big chasm.     Only darkness lied at the bottom…and only emptiness lied between myself and that abyss.

I woke up recognizing that I was always looking DOWN and feeling fear!!    Perhaps it’s not HEIGHT that triggers me!!   Perhaps it’s DEPTH!! ♥

And then I began thinking about all of my triggers.     I lived in New York City for YEARS………and never stepped on one subway grate or basement door panel.      I ride up escalators easily……but shake and shiver before stepping onto one moving DOWN.     When I’m walking (or driving) on a mountains edge…..I’m literally envisioning our bodies at the BOTTOM of the canyon…forever lost.    I climb UP rocks easily and joyfully……but frightfully bootie-scoot myself back down every single time!!

I suddenly realize that it’s not the HEIGHT that I fear.   I actually adore the freedom of a higher perspective!!     It’s the trauma of a FALL into the depths of nothingness that trigger me.

Can this whole “fear” be a learned-response to the TRAUMA of falling to this limited and forgetful earth realm???

A few months ago….my guides and guardians showed me that I held a belief that this earth realm is not a “safe” place to be.     It holds pain, coldness, loneliness, and sadness.     It makes me “vulnerable” to the density of 3d reality.

They worked with me to remember……..that all LIFE is ever-flowing endlessly in all spaces and realms!!     We have the ability to genuinely welcome HEAVEN to EARTH the moment that we Believe it can be!!

Perhaps this “fear” of heights and depths is no more than a fear of feeling SEPARATE from the loving security and LIGHT of the ever-present ALL!!!     Perhaps it is in remembering that GOD walks with me in ALL MOMENTS….that will heal that irrational fear within.

I’ve been battling the “fear”.     Perhaps I only needed to LOVE mySelf!!

I shall try……..and PRAY that this opens up every doorway into the wondrous heights and depths of Life and Love!!

Fear Has No Place
In My Heart or Soul
Only Love Nurtures 
Only Love Inspires

In JOY and Ever-expansive AWARENESS,


May Today Be…


May today be filled with all that is…




Ground-breaking CrEaTiViTy






Intoxicating BEAUTY

BLISS-full MaNiFeStAtiOn

Passionate DISCOVERY

PEACE-filled AcCePtAnCe



The Precipice


We’re standing at the precipice of ALL we’ve ever known!!

Can you feel the depth of those words…reverberating truth in greater and greater ways??    Those words can bring instant clarity to this particular moment in any personal situation…or to a birds eye view of your entire lifetime…or to a truly esoteric vision of our united consciousness flowing without end through all things.

From any and all perspectives…we ARE a culmination of all we’ve ever known!!   And in this moment we have the honor and privilege of reaping our just rewards!!

Does that scare you??   Is your vision so focused on the two inches of experience in front of you…that you have neglected to notice the brilliance of ALL you’ve been???

Please…in this moment…expand your awareness outward to REMEMBER!!!    Scream to the universe “I AM READY TO REMEMBER!!”    Because…in all truth and sincerity…you have not been placed on this earth to suffer!!   Do you hear me???   That is not even a possibility!!

We each have been given an opportunity in this lifetime to experience, to create, to imagine, to overcome and to LOVE!!!    IF you are here….it is because you had the strength to face illusion and separation once again.    BUT….the illusion and separation is not your greatest truth!!!    You are so much more than you can imagine yourself to be.     And THAT is the truth that stands with you now!!!

So find the strength and the passion that flows within….and stand in YOUR truth…embracing the beauty and blessings of EVERY experience seen and unseeen!!    Begin to feel your heart awaken…as you imagine all you’ve been throughout time.    You have only incarnate now…in this powerful age…because you are prepared and ready for this experience!!!    There is nothing that can overwhelm the greatest YOU that is!!!     YOU ARE AMAZING!! ♥  You stand with the POWER of all Love, all Truth, all Wonder!!   IT IS YOU!!!!!

And now…that you know where you stand…LOOK AHEAD!!    From this greater perspective can you see the JOY waiting for you??    Can you see the treasures of infinite wonder flowing to you??   Can you see the respect and admiration of radiant souls as they walk forward with you??

Beyond the precipice IS our new destiny!!    It is all we’ve conceived to be….and all we are so valiantly worthy of!!    It IS our new truth…without limitation or fear!!   It IS our greatest heart’s desire!!

So i ask…”Why a precipice??”

Spirit’s Answer:   Because to step over the precipice is to leave the past behind.    It will always be with you…as an honored and recorded memory of your journey.   But…those beliefs, perspectives and experiences will no longer represent you and your truth!!    They will be an honored part of your journey!!

What lies over the precipice defies logic and reason.    This new realm and reality is governed by your HEART and all you may imagine to BE.    It holds no judgement…no limitation…and no expectations.    Only free ever-changing EXPRESSION!!!!

So i ask “Are you speaking of a transition that we attain to in our future??”

We speak of the transition that you are IN right now!!   With every breath you cling more to this new reality we speak of.    And one day you will take the final leap.     Not to change your physical surroundings…but to claim this new vision as your own!!

To see only love and precious blessings in your path!!

To feel deep gratitude and peace fill your entire being!!

To radiate light…without concern for it’s acceptance!!

To be all you choose to be…as you are so inspired!!

To live without bounds or imagined limitations!!


I can see it now.    This precipice marks the divide between two unique states of BEING!!    One is FREE TO BE!!   One questions what may be.  

Now THAT is something for me to consider more deeply.


And…just to confirm….”Dear Spirit…I AM READY TO REMEMBER!!!!”

In Infinite Joy and Wonder,